One thing that I am very proud of is the resources we provide that help women all over the world manifest love in their lives.

It’s so refreshing to hear from women who never thought they’d find true love or didn’t think they could “fix” their issues. The truth is, there is love out there for you. Here are just a few ways to start preparing for the love that you deserve:

1. Be Open- stop sabotaging your love life with negative thoughts. Your positive expectations will create positive experiences, so focus on what you want and get excited about the possibilities! Try This: Listen to your favorite love songs and imagine loving the man who loves you!

2. Be Intentional- You actions must match your intentions!!! If you say you want a committed relationship, don’t settle for being the side chick. Forget friends with benefits, focus on creating what you want..not settling for what you have. Try This: Make the “list” but make it right. Get tips here.


3. Be Ready- If you haven’t received what you truly desire, it’s because you’re not ready for it yet. What steps can you take to start preparing for the love you’ve been praying for? Try This: Download our free ebook or  click here to earn more about our relationship readiness course.

>>> If you’re not sure where to start, we can help!! Schedule a call with a member of the Dream Team to find out how our classes, resources, coaching and mentoring programs can help you manifest more love in your life. >>> Click here to schedule a call

Wishing you SO much love,