Being a single mom is no walk in the park. Neither is building your own brand or climbing the corporate ladder. But, there are plenty of moms who’ve learned the secret sauce to balancing motherhood and career without losing their minds. They’ve built significant wealth, created authentic brands, and inspired other moms to do so. If you are a single mom who wants to do the same, check out these 3 tips.


  1. Single and Successful: Being a single mom is not a setback, in fact, it’s a great opportunity for you to show your children that anything is possible. The idea that you “need” a man by your side to be successful is so last season. Your relationship status may be complicated, but your success doesn’t have to be.


  1. Flip Your Skills: As a single mom, you’ve acquired lots of skills such as multitasking, problem-solving, balancing, finding resources and much more. Many of those same resources are necessary to build your own business, so use them.


  1. Take it slow: There is no rush. It takes 10 months to brew a baby, so why do people assume that a million dollar business can be built overnight. Nope! Take your time and do it right.


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