faithing it







A few weeks ago, I decided to reward myself after a long week of WERK, assignments, meetings, and brainstorm sessions by buying a book to lift me and encourage me in my journey. Now as many of you know, I LOVE the Bishop T.D. Jakes so I knew that this book would be my newest bookshelf addition. Faithing It, by Cora Jakes Coleman (the daughter of Bishop Jakes), is all about putting in the WERK and combining it with your faith to manifest your destiny and purpose. Throughout the twelve chapters, I was challenged to step away from old mindsets and old mentalities to move forward to receive every blessing with my name on it.


In the book, Mrs. Coleman talks about her desire to be the Children’s Director at the Potter’s House. She then explains that she knew the only she would receive the job is if she did three things:

prepare for it,

declare it into existence, and

then, have the faith to believe that she was already it!


It was by doing these things that she made room for her abundance! She launched out into her purpose, and not by procrastinating and complaining about where she was. Needless to say, she eventually manifested that desire and now walks in her calling daily. She was also able to grow her church’s attendance by 300%. If that is not WERK on display, then I do not know what is! This book will challenge you to stop being lazy and fight! Stop getting into alignment with the enemy by doubting yourself and start Faithing It!


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