So, I’m sitting here at my satellite office in LA (aka Starbucks) and I’m thinking about how I got here.

Not to LA, but here in life.

I’ve managed to completely transform my entire life: my career, my friendships, my love life and my bank account and that feels great. But, when I look back over my life I notice there’s a common trend: I’m a taker.

I guess being the baby gave me the attitude that I could have what I wanted, when I wanted it. But, the thing that brings it all together is the fact that I’m willing to WERK for it. I’ve never gotten caught up in feeling like I deserved something for nothing or thinking the world owed me something. My daddy taught me very early that I could have anything I wanted as long as I did my part.

Sitting here reflecting made me realize that the world truly is for the taking…whatever you want, whatever you see for yourself can absolutely be yours but you have to go out an get it.

When I was a junior in High School, I went to the movies to see Drumline and a week later went on a campus visit to Tennessee State University. I knew from the day I stepped foot on the campus that it was the school for me. So, I got to WERK.

I studied the school’s website to find out who was in charge of the Admissions Department and realized that he was coming to my high school within a few months. So, I found out what ACT score I needed to get a full scholarship and took the test as soon as they offered it again.

Once I knew I had a high enough score, I made my move. I met with the Admissions Director and told him who I was and that I needed to get a scholarship and had what it took. Little did I know I was a year too early to apply, but I stayed in contact with him so that he knew I was serious.

As soon as the application date rolled, I put mine in and got that full scholarship. Not only did I get the scholarship, I made friends with the Admissions Director and became a campus tour guide once I got there.

This assertiveness is what’s made me who I am. In every area of my life, I’ve gotta get what I want.

Today, I want to encourage and challenge you to put forth the effort it takes to win. Whatever winning means to you. Take a step in the right direction, or else you’ll find yourself stuck standing still.

Winner don’t wait for opportunities. They take opportunities.


Get out there and take what you want!