As we prepare for a profitable New Year, I have a question for you to consider:

Have you been giving 100% of yourself to your brand?

I mean really. Think about it. Have you been going ALL IN when it comes to your business or are your half-assing it?

If you know that you could be doing better, or being better in your business then what steps are you going to take to do things differently? What are you willing to do to get what you want?

By all means, if you’re ok with your current experiences, current results and current income– keep doing what you’re doing. But if you’re really ready for a change, there’s no better time than now to get to it.

Don’t start making a bunch of excuses. Don’t start counting all the reasons why you don’t have time, can’t afford it, aren’t really ready for it blah blah blah

It’s amazing how creative our minds get when it’s time to take a leap. That little voice will come up with a million and one reasons why we shouldn’t do it. Years ago, my therapist would tell me to “stay out of my head” because I had a bad habit of self-sabotaging my success.

Whenever I was getting ready to bet on myself, believe a little bigger or take a leap of faith that little voice would creep in and I would punk out… I went from convincing myself I didn’t have the money to swearing I didn’t have the time.

Thank God I finally learned how to fight through that fear. 

Today, I want to challenge you to stay out of your head. Don’t start doubting yourself and don’t you dare wonder if it’s “meant to be.”

Just take the leap, keep the faith and do the WERK. The rest will come together beautifully.

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Cheers to getting out of your own way!