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Your personal brand is what distinguishes you from everyone else in the world, and how people end up perceiving you.  Every person’s personal brand is different and each person’s goals and what they want for their personal brand will also be different.

Personal branding plays a big part when it comes to deciding which direction you want to take your life.  There are great benefits when creating your own personal brand because it enables you to self-manage your life.  Additionally, your personal brand aids you in making the most of what you have to offer others.

Furthermore, personal branding is about having an influence on others by developing a brand identity that associates certain views and feelings with that unique identity.

Successful personal branding consists of managing the various perceptions successfully and being able to manage and affect how others understand and think of you. Having a strong personal brand is becoming progressively vital and leads to personal success. Always, your personal brand should be genuine because it ends up leading you on a journey towards a happier and more successful life.


The way you dress and take care of your appearance are essential factors in managing your personal brand.  Your appearance consists of your posture, facial gestures, body language and any other non-verbal expressions and movements you make.  It is important to be aware of the positive and negative non-verbal signals you give off, so you can improve your overall image.

Revamp your personal appearance by dressing the way you want people to perceive you.  You want to make sure the way you dress is appropriate for where you are.  The clothes you wear will affect your overall attitude and self-confidence.  When people take the time to dress for success, they tend to feel good about themselves. Your clothing selection will vary based on your occupation, personal preference and where you are going.


Your personality does involve your communication skills, behavior and how you interact with people.  It is a good idea to pay attention of how you interact with other people.  If you find anything about your personality that can be improved, work on improving it.  Also, ask for feedback from people you personally know.  Their feedback can help you strengthen your personality and help improve your personal brand.


Those who lack in self-esteem may not be able to properly communicate and may give off the wrong message.  Self-esteem can affect the way you communicate with others.  Think about how you value yourself and learn to manage it and find ways of looking more confident, even though, you are not.  As you work on developing your personal brand, your overall confidence and self-esteem will improve.  Also, when you become more secure with yourself, your self-esteem will get more powerful.


Your special skills fulfilling task requirements.  Every skill you have developed over time makes you look more competent and when you are more competent, you have more self-esteem and confidence with a much better personal image.  You will always be developing new skills as that is part of life.  You can always educate yourself more and develop even more skills on your own to make you even more competent than you already are.


This is what separates you from other people.  The idea is to make a good and lasting impression on someone.  Your total personal image is what makes you different than everyone else.  You always want your personal image to be one that is not forgotten.  This is why regardless of where you are, make sure that first impression is a good one.

These are five elements that make up your personal brand.  Developing and maintaining a good personal brand will ultimately make you more credible and give you a better life.  Nowadays, a personal brand is so important to have, so you want to make it the best you can.

Written By: Niya Allen, NCRW

Owner, Resume Newbie | www.resumenewbie.com