2015 has been an AMAZING year and 2016 is going to be even better! This year, I took a leap and stepped out on faith as I began my weekly Mindset Monday calls. I have to be honest when I tell you that this idea of encouraging and empowering women by changing their mindset had been an idea in my notebook for at least a year before I finally got the nerve to do it. 

Month after month, I made a bunch of excuses. I talked myself out of it because I “didn’t have enough time” “didn’t know what to say” and “didn’t know who would listen.” Then, one day God whispered this to me: Prepare your message and I’ll prepare the masses and that was my wake up call.

Since starting the weekly chats 7 months ago, I’ve had the pleasure to reach over 1,000 women around the world and the feedback has been beyond amazing! The biggest lesson I learned in 2015 is that your dreams are bigger than you. When you’re truly following your purpose, you will change the lives of more people than you could ever imagine. 

Although I’ve loved each topic for a special reason, there are 5 lessons that really stood out and I want to invite you to end your year with a dose of positivity and a word of encouragement. These are the top 5 life changing lessons of 2015:

1.If you’re scared to play the game, you’re never gonna win.

You owe it to yourself to get off the bench and get in the game. Over are the days that you sit around cheering everyone else on watching them win and wondering when it’ll be your time to shine. NOW is your time. Click here to find out how you can get in the game and prepare to win.

2. 90% of all diseases and illnesses are stress related.

Instead of treating the symptoms, cure the cause by reducing your stress! I got a thorough check up this year and my Doctor warned me that my stress levels were causing a hormonal imbalance! He then went on to share that most American women are overly stressed which is causing a number of illnesses. You owe it to yourself to figure out what’s stressing you and create a plan to stop the madness. Click here for ways to stress less and smile more.

3. YOU are the designer of your destiny

And you literally owe it to yourself to stop allowing others to dictating to you. Who’s in the driver’s seat of your life? Who’s calling the shots and making the tough calls? Have you been making decisions based on what you truly desire or are you living based on what others think you deserve? Click here to find out how to take back your control and create a life you love. In my book WERK101: Get-Your-Life-Together Guide I’m sharing tons of ways to take charge in your life! Read the reviews.

4. Faith creates opportunities that fear will keep hidden from you

Something magical happens when you step out on faith. By simply showing active faith and actually believing your dreams will come true, you make way for blessings and breakthroughs in your life. I’ve had friends who quit their jobs, moved across the country and fell in love all because they chose to practice faith. Instead of being fearless and wondering IF things were going to work out, they prepared themselves for everything they’d been praying for and miracles started happening! Click here to find out how you can practice more faith and walk fearlessly into your future!

5. What you want for you has NOTHING on what God has for you.

You have to understand that God has a vision for your life that’s so miraculous, it’s going to take some major preparation to get ready to receive it! The moment you get out of your own way and stop sabotaging your success by comparing your life to others is the moment your life will begin changing for the better. Something beyond beautiful happened to me when I finally stopped worrying and started betting on myself! Click here to find out what happened (I’m not going to lie, this is probably my BEST chat ever!) 

This year has been such an eye opener for me and it’s truly been a pleasure to share my lessons learned each week! If you’re not on the list for Mindset Monday, you’re missing out!!!! Next year is going to be bananas!!! Get on the list here. Then sign up for our upcoming Vision Board WERKshop + Party on Periscope. It’s free!!! Get details.