I remember doing an interview once and saying that I knew my man was coming soon. In fact, I said “I know he’s close..I can feel it.” Not soon after, I realized just how close he was (we’d been friends for 3 years already, so he was very close, like at my house LOL)

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how I knew my man would be here soon..but I knew. Looking back, I realize that the gut feeling I had was connected to the faith I had.

I didn’t put a date or deadline on it, I didn’t obsess over it. I was just faithful. For a full year, I had active faith that I’d be in a healthy, happy relationship and I didn’t waste my time with anything or anyone who wasn’t leading to that.

During the time while I waited, I WERKed. Hard. Not just on building my businesses, but on self-development as well.

I knew I couldn’t receive what I wanted until I was ready.

Month after month went by but there was never a doubt in my mind that my man was showing up. Some women sabotage their chance at love because they don’t really believe it will happen for them. They can’t even imagine being in a healthy, happy relationship.

If that’s you, read this carefully: If you can’t even believe it, you will not achieve it. 

No matter what your circumstances appear to be, if you create space for love it will show up.

You can create space by focusing your time and energy on self-development, getting rid of that baggage and healing your heart. You can also make room by getting rid of the people and habits that are holding you back.

Let me tell you this: There is no shortage of good men and God did not forget about you.

Ask yourself this: Do you really believe in love? If you say you do, Stop lying to yourself about not wanting a man. Stop believing you can’t have one. Stop listening to negative Nancy and start practicing active faith.

If you want to get him here faster, WERK a little harder.

Be encouraged that your man IS out there, perhaps he’s waiting on you to get ready.








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