IMG_97041-1If I could summarize Werk. Pray. Slay. with one word it’d be – everything! No, not just because Koereylle and team did a phenomenal job coordinating the event. But simply because it was everything that I didn’t know I needed.But, I’m so glad I received and couldn’t wait to share with you all! The 3-day event, also deemed the “Be Your Own Boss” conference (#BYOBConference), was one that every woman, regardless of marital status and career desires, could have benefited from. So without further delay, let’s jump right in to the day-by-day recap of the lessons learned from Werk. Pray. Slay!

The weekend started on a high note, as we all celebrated the release of Koereyelle’s first book, Werk: 101: Get-Your-Life-Together Guide! An intimate atmosphere covered the room full of ladies and gentlemen, as Koereyelle sat and answered questions withEssence’s own, Charreah Jackson. If I learned anything from the Q&A, it is that Koereyelle moves with unapologetic intention in everything that she does. She’s a true strategist who is clear about her purpose and end goal; masterfully planning details down to making sure Werk: 101 fits in your purse. After the Q&A, we let the good vibes roll as we all enjoyed the positivity flowing through the room, originating from Koereyelle and her team.

Just from entering the venue, it was clear that the excitement was waiting for me at the door!  Ladies galore, rocking their Werk. Pray. Slay. shirts were all over the building, buzzing with energy and ready to feed their souls. Once I stopped for several must-have pictures, we all made our way into a beautifully decorated venue, orchestrated to perfection by Brighter Affairs. After a little eating, mingling and networking it was show time and one-by-one the speakers hit the stage on what I call, slay day!

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