The season finale of Scandal was definitely jaw dropping. Like most of America, I’ve been stalking Olivia’s moves since she was returned from the abduction and it’s been worth every minute of my Thursday night! The season finale was just as educational as it was entertaining, if you were paying attention, we could all learn a love lesson from Olivia Pope!


The first lesson that I took away was a familiar one: if you start a relationship on the wrong terms, it’s going to end on the wrong terms.

No matter how hard you may try, any relationship that’s build on lies is going to end in disappointment. If you “take him” from her, don’t be mad when she takes him from you. Karma is a bitch. And although nobody “took” Fitz from Olivia, the love affair began with lies and ended with lies.

Olivia Pope began her love affair with Fitz while he was a married man and most of the attraction was centered around him being emotionally unavailable. Like so many women, she was intrigued by the fact that he wasn’t 100% her responsibility. In true side chick fashion, Olivia wanted the fun without the work. And we see how that turned out.

Although she gave it a try, she was never going to be happy as Fitz full time girlfriend. Which brings me to lesson 2: Live your life on your own terms, nobody else’s will truly make you happy.

Although she had what seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime (dating the President and living in the White House) it wasn’t what she wanted. She tried so hard to force herself to be happy for the sake of Fitz and it eventually blew up in her face. When we try to put someone else’s desires above our own, we are essentially choosing them over ourselves and that will never end well. In fact, it usually turns into resentment pretty quickly.

I hope you took these lessons from Olivia seriously. I’ve seen (and heard) so many women who fall into these same situations because they aren’t thinking about the big picture. Consider the consequences of your choices and you won’t have to apologize for them later.

We could all stand to learn a lesson from Olivia Pope!