During the Super Bowl a few years ago, Go Daddy aired a commercial starring Gwen Dean informing her boss that she quit to work her dream puppet business full-time. I, like millions of people watching felt solidarity, and salivated at the thought of quitting their own job in grand style. Maybe not on live TV, but quitting none the less.

goldfish jumping out of the water

Gwen Dean had to balance her day job as a licensed refrigeration machine operator and her business, Puppets by Gwen, since starting in 2008. How long have you been dreaming of a new career or business? Here in the Resume Newbie community, we don’t just talk about it, we do it.

Ask yourself these questions to start your transition:

Why do I want a career change?

Seems obvious enough, but this is a question that people are confused most about. It is easy to confuse boredom with a “sign” that it’s time for a change. Once you valuate where your true passion is, it may take a mere adjustment in position to get your spark back. Write down what you are looking for in your new career. Include your desired hours, pay, location, perks, etc.

Are my skills able to transfer to my desired career?

Usually, there is a link between what your current job is, and your dream job. Take a sheet of paper, and draw a line down the middle. On one side write Current Job and on the other side write Dream Job. Now list every skill, gift, or talent that will transfer to your desired career. If that list is somewhat short, list the skills you will need to obtain to step into this role.

Have I done my research?

You must act on facts and not what you assume. Research your industry and seek out organizations that you might want to work for. In addition, what role you would like to target.

Do I need help?

Let others know your passions and that you are seeking a career change. Seek out people that you respect and will give you an honest opinion. This is a great way to build your network. In addition, it’s time to put together a great package to make you stand out from the pack. Have a professional evaluate your cover letter and resume, and make the adjustments to put your best foot forward.  Remember, packaging is just as important as the meeting itself.

Career changes should be an exciting time to live your passions, not painful.

Written By: Niya Allen, Career Enthusiast, Blogger