As the Fall season in the United States is upon us we will start to see leaves change colors and enjoy cooler temperatures.  Visiting wineries in the coming months is a great destination idea, whether it’s a day trip or longer.  Wineries are generally in the country and make for a nice scenic drive.

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Courtesy of: Yonah Mountain Winery

There are lots of reasons to visit a winery, my favorite is the wine of course.  Aside from the obvious enjoyment of a great glass of wine both connoisseurs and novices can taste local wines in pairings, learn the history and process of wine making, get limited edition wines along with great pricing, support the local economy and go on winery tours.  Wineries host great events and you can generally find some great nibbles or restaurants nearby.  You might even luck up on a wine crushing event where you can literally stomp grapes (on my 2016 list of things to do).

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Jay-Z says, “I’m getting better with time.  I’m like Opus One young,” in Show Me What You Got.  Now I personally haven’t tried Opus One, but you can visit them in California or use these links to find your winery destination in The States and some in Europe or

Please drink responsibly.  You can pick a designated driver, use a wine tour company or hire a car service.  Some wineries have lodging, but you must book far in advance so plan accordingly.

Written By: Bridget Smith, Blogger, World Traveler