I have always been a very loving person. You know, that type of girl to wear her heart on her sleeve, easily open arms to any and every one, and expect the same type of love in return. I have been lucky to meet some who are receptive of my love, and return that generosity right back to me. But of course, the majority is not as receptive and instead of returning love, I may encounter negativity, hate, shade thrown, and more. Though, the amazing thing about enduring these negative experiences is the wisdom that is learned thereafter.


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It may be hard to realize everyone doesn’t love like you or even process things mentally like you. Though, once you let that soak in, that you are different from the rest, life will be so much easier. In today’s society, we are so used to phrases such as:


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-You can’t sit with us

-No new friends

-We don’t love these (insert derogatory term here)

These things we laugh at on social media but a lot of us walk the walk of this negative talk. So when someone comes along with genuine positivity, it’s questionable. Well if it is hard for you to receive positive vibes from a stranger, they may not be the issue. And if you are the one, like me, with a big heart, and your love is not being received, be mindful that you are not the problem. You cannot worry yourself about how others will receive how you show love. I love to go by the saying, ‘Let go and Let God.’ When I reference this quote, it is not to say, drop him/her like a bad habit. But it is to remind you that God is in control of all things. God knows our future and the decisions we make. God knows the weather before the seasons change. So as autumn has entered and brought us those beautiful colored leaves, be prepared to turn a new leaf. Do not change the way you love, because that’s what your close people admire about you. Let the dead weight go, because they won’t stand a chance on the new path God has for you. See your new season as an opportunity for new life. New life brings changes. New life brings new people. New life also isn’t fit for old ways and old habits. If there is dead weight whether it be a person, habit, etc., let it go. If it is not encouraging you for better, let it go and prepare for your blessing in this new season.

Yours truly,

Winnie Caldwell

Founder of TheWireHangerByWinnie.com