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As I look outside and examine the weather as it changes from summer to fall, I remind myself that it is officially time for me to cultivate my fall book list. I pride myself on staying on top of new information and knowledge that makes itself available to me. I decided that it was time to take a trip to my local bookstore to find my first book. As I browsed the aisles, I discovered that T.D Jakes just released a new book entitled “Destiny.” Now anyone who knows me knows that I am such a huge follower of the Bishop. “Woman Thou Art Loosed”, “Instinct”, to this book “Destiny”, T.D Jakes has done it again. The premise of the book speaks about the fact that we were all born with a Destiny to fulfill but we will only discover it if we PREPARE for it!! We must choose to step out on faith (in God and in ourselves) to discover what we are called to do. There are some key points that He mentioned that I want to point out for you to know:

1.Destiny is spelled P-R-I-O-R-I-T-I-Z-E  

 Bishop stated that one of the most important things to do before stepping into your purpose, is to get your life in order. A majority of the times we are so quick to say yes yes yes to everybody without even considering the best thing for US. We cannot be content in our lives if we do not yet know our main priorities.We as the Single Wives must get our kingdom (finances, relationships, careers) together before we can step into our God-given calling.

 2. For Destiny’s Sake, Do You   

One of my favorite chapters in the book discusses the importance of being our most authentic selves!! How can we as the Single Wives walk into what God has for us trying to be someone else? We cannot expect God to bless us in costumes. We as Queens must make the daily effort to find ways to invest in ourselves! We are our most prized possessions!!!!!


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Queens, we have been called to another standard of living! We are not average, ordinary girls. We are unique, special, powerful, alpha, fearless, women who werk! Lets step into our Destiny unhindered, unstoppable and unbreakable.


Jakes, T. (2015). Destiny . New York, NY: FaithWords.

Written By: Curtissa Odi, Blogger, Book Scholar