Beauty standards are influenced greatly by the times. As we look through history a fad came and went only to resurface again. What is old suddenly becomes new again. We recycle styles of clothes, shoes and purses. Trends in make-up application and hairstyling seem to change as quickly as technology does with cellular phones. As individuals we buy whatever is hot and in season. We have to be on point, at all times, whatever the cost. Have you ever wondered why this was so? Competition is created when there is a high demand for a product or service. High demand is created when individuals are sold on the value of an item. That items value is oftentimes connected to our self-worth. Who has not felt attractive when wearing something that enhances our outward appearance? When that outward appearance is enhanced others around us notice and we are elevated to a certain standard. A standard that we did not create. When did someone else’s opinion of our beauty start to matter?


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Ladies your confidence in who you are comes from within. Once the inner is cultivated then naturally the outer will follow. The world is filled with attractive women with the ideal physical features. However there is something deeper and more important. Beauty radiates from the inside out. Feeding the innermost parts of our soul is most important. If we nourish what is within it is only natural that it will flow to the surface. Think back to a time where you felt your prettiest. What was going on? We cannot turn back time but we can create moments in our life that make us feel that way again. I try do a couple of things a week for myself to help create moments of beauty in my life. Surprisingly these things did not cost me anything. I would encourage you to try some of them:

  • Focus on the things that bring you joy
  • Find something to do that makes you happy.
  • Be thankful for where you are now.
  • Celebrate small accomplishments.
  • Reinvent your persona periodically.
  • Be true to yourself

Most of all ladies I want to encourage you to affirm yourself daily and remember “be careful who you allow to be the beholder of your beauty; their perception may not be your true reflection.


Written by: Necole F. Turner, author, publisher, wife and mother.