The flights and layovers. The anticipation and  the build up of expectancy. The invitation was proposed, you’ve accepted and now the time finally presents itself. The mere image of him standing at the end of the terminal makes things a bit more pleasant. And the long drive home from the airport, silent and filled with sexual tension because, you don’t know whether to jump his bones now or just to remain cool and subtle, but inside you’re just a sexy savage ready to unleash. Anxious. Playing house for a weekend in his city gets your adrenaline pumping even harder. Or perhaps it’s the “meet-up”: the “meet me halfway, it’ll be our little hideaway in a secluded place where they can’t pinpoint us on the map”. Yet, “him” not being yours hasn’t  crossed your mind a single time since your departure. Only the explicitness that you will partake in the wake of your arrival seemed to be the only thing to cloud your judgment during the entire flight. The thoughts, those reminiscent thoughts that shoot right down in between your thighs at lighting speed. He’s the reason you have so many frequent flyer miles and why accommodations at the finest hotels have become second nature. This man is quite the gentleman when it comes to vacationing multiples times a month. He cant get enough of you.


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This long distance affair is becoming more enticing each time, or is it? The loving is so good that it kind of slips your mind that he may just be a little attached or a little married. But you cant wait to be loved by him although its just for a weekend. He tells her that he’s away on business so you don’t get any interruptions. The concierge even greets you both as Mr. and Mrs. For the next 72 hours you are his and this doesn’t trouble either of you by the least bit. He gives you everything, every stimulation, every erogenous zone is tended to. From the palms of your hands, to the back of your knees to the nape of your neck. He serves you and delightfully you and your body responds. Deep down inside, you know this isn’t right. But waking up to him with breakfast in bed is just as satisfying for you so there is no complaining. There is no urge to be more than what you both are, or is there? You respect what you both share and because of this, it occurs more and more often. There is an understanding that even he cant understand. Is it an addiction or is it the thrill of doing what you know you have no damned business doing? It’s like the sweetest sin that either of you can ignore and month after month you find yourself in the same place, loyal to his infidelity. Something to think about right?

Written By: Asia Sharp