Everyone has heard of The Single Wives Club on social media, but who is the woman behind this amazing vision. We had a chance to catch up with Ms. Koereyelle.

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Meet Ms. Koereyelle DuBose

Creative, knowledgeable, and dedicated, Koereyelle DuBose is an educator and entrepreneur whose goal is to empower women worldwide. In addition to founding The Single Wives Club, she is also host of a weekly Blog Talk Radio Show, R.E.A.L. Single Wives Radio where they Reveal Everything About Love. Koereyelle is also the Lead Brand Strategist + Creative Consultant for ReadyToWERK.com, a branding boutique that provides business resources and branding tools for Entrepreneurs.

Koereyelle’s choice of work stems from her deeply rooted desire to help create change in the lives of others. A former educator, Koereyelle holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Tennessee State University and a Master of Education degree from Central Michigan University, which have provided a foundation in curriculum design and creating workshops and programs.

Currently based in Atlanta, GA, Koereyelle has her hand in a number of projects across the city and is best known for her work with The Single Wives Club, an innovative organization dedicated to preparing women to become wives, nurturing femininity and protecting family, which was born as a result of Koereyelle’s own life experiences with life and love. After a failed engagement, Koereyelle realized that in order to prepare for Mr. Right, she needed to become Mrs. Right. Her goal is to educate and empower single ladies to become better women before becoming a wife. Through her organization, Koereyelle encourages, educates, and provides resources for “single wives” to sharpen skills in the areas such as health, beauty, finance, and spirituality.

She shares her perspective each Wednesday on her Blog Talk Radio Show. Of course, she can’t do it all alone! She is blessed to have an amazing team, her DREAM TEAM. Inspired to make a true difference, Koereyelle is relentless in her mission to empower women worldwide. Dig deeper in HERstory.


We had a chance to ask Koereyelle a few questions about love and relationships:

What is the Single Wives Club all about?
The Single Wives Club is an education and empowerment organization that inspires single ladies to become better women before becoming wives. We are the world’s one and only self-help support group for single women.
We all know about The Single Wives Club but who is Koereyelle?
I am the brains behind the brand. No love expert. No relationship coach. No matchmaker. Simply a single woman who knows it takes more than just “butterflies and wedding bells” to create a happy marriage. When I ended my engagement in 2011, I realized there were ZERO places I could turn for help. There were literally NO resources available that offered relationship readiness and “marriage prep” for women who wanted to learn the skills necessary to succeed at marriage..so I created one.
What is your take on sex before marriage?
I believe in personal choice, not a cookie cutter one-size-fits-all rule book for dating and relationships. I believe in writing your own rules based on what works for you. One happy wife calls it “organic interaction”– the idea of developing a relationship based on your own terms.

What are your dating deal breakers?
I wouldn’t be able to date a man who didn’t want children, an abuser or one who’s lifestyle isn’t aligned with mine.
How should a woman start a conversation with a man about where things are headed… while keeping the tension, chemistry and attraction there? She shouldn’t. If you have to ask where things are headed, they’re probably not headed anywhere. The moment you bring it up, it’s going to be a turn off. Instead of asking a list of questions, turn within and ask yourself where things are going. You ALWAYS have access to all the answers you need.
Why do men withdraw from women and “emotional intimacy”… and what can a woman do about it so he doesn’t pull even further away? 

Keep it cool and open the lines of communication. Don’t rush things by being overly obsessed with a committed relationship but don’t let your feelings build up until you blow up either. If this is a man you’re really interested in building and growing with- you’re expectations should already be understood.

How can a woman stop doing all the work in a relationship… and get a man to appreciate her more?

She can’t “get him to do” anything. Instead of trying to change him, she should probably end the relationship. If you’re unhappy and things aren’t improving, you’re going to find yourself pretty frustrated trying to “fix him” or get him to understand your perspective on things. If he wants to do more, he would be. You’re best bet is to focus on the one thing you can control- yourself.

What is your take on online dating?

Online dating and social dating apps are a great alternative to traditional ways of meeting people. People prefer different things, so an anti social woman may appreciate online searches more than being in the social scene. Just be careful and ask the right questions.

What is your advice to a woman who is ready to be married all ready but just can’t get her man to commit?
Get a new man.

What is your advice to single women wanting to get in the dating game?
SMILE, HAVE FUN and don’t be afraid to FLIRT!
Take the pressure off of yourself by focusing on the fun. Enjoy meeting new people and don’t try to make everyone THE ONE. Enjoy the process and remain OPEN to the possibilities. By stepping outside of your comfort zone and rethinking your typical “type” you give yourself a better opportunity to create a loving and lasting relationship.


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