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Praise in the best and worst moments of your life. Easier said than done right? When praising to the most high; authenticity, strength and confidence are much needed. Growing up hearing my grandmother, great-grandmother and their friends, praise for everything was interesting. At times I even thought it was unnecessary. I couldn’t grasp why someone thought it was necessary to praise for fruit being on sale at the local market or praising when someone left their life. I couldn’t understand it because I was ignorant. Not ignorant in a negative connotation but I wasn’t familiar with that level of praise and gratitude.

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It is said that, when moving to a new level, be prepared for a new devil. When I was younger, living free, partying, with no care; I couldn’t understand the power of praise. The enemy wasn’t bothering me because I was fulfilling his desires instead of God.

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The day I decided to live more spiritually according to my belief in God, is the day I escalated to a new level. On this journey of escalating, I lost a boyfriend, lost my hang out friends, struggled at jobs and more. I called and called to figure out why they left my life. I constantly wanted answers I wasn’t getting. I had to learn to stop chasing them and start praising for their exit.

My relationship failed. I was so upset. Once I got out of my rut, I learned to praise for that door being closed. Sometimes we need to be separated from those who aren’t equally yoked with us. “Don’t be bound with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness? Or what harmony has Christ with Belial, or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever? (2 Corinthians 6:14-15).” That guy I was dating wasn’t equally yoked with me. He didn’t desire God as I had when I was in a relationship with him. Therefore, I didn’t praise God and I was missing out on blessings! So now I can praise for that relationship ending! Since I have left that relationship I have found confidence, a more spiritual lifestyle, and an abundance of blessings have entered my life!

So being grateful for the small things, are understood more when you experience more. It takes a lot of maturity to have gratitude when one walks away from you. If someone walks out of your life, it is not always a bad thing. You are great and destined for an amazing journey. Everyone cannot handle the path you are about to endure.

When getting ready for a big blessing; will come huge tests, trials and tribulations. Only strong people are needed beside you when preparing for your blessing. So when someone you least expect drops out of your life, don’t fret. Also, there’s no need to be vengeful, hateful or upset. It is natural to feel disappointment. But don’t let that hurt consume you. Instead be thankful and grateful. Your blessings will magnify bigger and better than you can ever imagine.


Yours truly,


Winnie Caldwell

“Hang up your problems and move on to better!”