2015 is the year of the BOSS CHICK and it’s so beautiful to watch so many women launch new brands and embark upon the journey of Entrepreneurship! You may be wondering how to startup your business! As you embark on your Entrepreneurial journey, here are 7 essentials that your start-up will need:

1. A domain
Whenever I think of a new business idea, I check to see if the domain name is available. If it is, I purchase it- whether I have a business plan, strategy or even a full concept in mind. If the concept is on your mind, surely it’s on someone else’s too!


Successful entrepreneurs have established trustworthy brands. In order to gain the trust of your clients, you have to establish yourself as an expert. The easiest way to do that is by blogging about the topics that fit your expertise, industry or interests. Blogging is free and allows you to have a voice!

3.Business Email
Do NOT. I repeat DO NOT use @yahoo @hotmail @me @aol or any other personal email extension. If you absolutely refuse to go through the proper steps to get an official @yourdomainname email, at least create a google account dedicated to your business or brand. Whether you want to believe it or not, consumers judge you based on your domain, email and social media FIRST!

4.Google Tools
Google has a life saving toolkit for Entrepreneurs! They’re free services are amazing and the paid ones are even better! Not only can you organize your entire life with google calendar, you can create, edit, save and share documents with google drive, manage a team with google admin and share your content and connect with new people through google plus. PLUS, you can monitor and manage all of your website traffic and advertising sales with google ad words and analytics!

5.Social Media Accounts
Using social media for business is completely different than using it personally. When you launch your accounts it’s important to create a separate strategy for each, because they all serve different purposes and will benefit you in different ways. Twitter is a great platform for conversations, sharing random thoughts, tips and little known facts related to you and your brand. YouTube is perfect for mini lessons, tutorials and interviews and Instagram is a great way to visually represent your brand AND connect with hard-to-reach individuals. Facebook is great for connecting through causes and sharing your business with family and old friends. Unlike other networks, Instagram allows you to easily connect with celebrities, influencers and other people who can help you grow your business quickly. It’s important to create a plan of action for each.

6.Business Phone
It’s important to keep your business calls separate from your personal calls, to protect your own space and sanity. If your budget won’t allow a local phone, or toll free business service AT LEAST get a Google phone number so that you don’t have to share your personal cell phone information.

7.Professional Photos
Believe it or not, professional photos are crucial to any business! Whether it’s new headshots for your bio page or crisp clear product photos for you new shop site, invest in professional pictures!

As an Entrepreneur, you want to put your best foot AND face forward! Be intentional with each aspect of your business because when you love what you do, it will shine through.
Take these resources and add them to your Entrepreneur toolkit!