dawn_dickson_caro_article-small_29389As we prepare for WERKPraySlay weekend 2015, we are sharing the success stories from various women to watch. The ladies we selected are fearless female entrepreneurs who are passionately pursuing their purpose, sharing a special message with the world and dominating their dreams.
If you’ve been looking for a few success secrets for start ups, business tips for aspiring boss babes or a word of encouragement, you’re sure to get it from our interview with Dawn Dickson! Dawn is the CEO of FlatOutOfHeels which is an innovative start up that creates stylish, rollable flats that conveniently fit in your purse.
Genius, right?
Well, if that isn’t bossy enough– Dawn also created a shoe vending machine that dispenses the rollable flats on the go.
She is a pitching powerhouse and she’s definitely on our radar! Check out her werking woman wisdom below: 
Koe: Describe yourself in ONE word.


Koe: What makes you a werking woman? 
Dawn: I’m a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in building brands from the ground up. I have a vision for my life and legacy. Most importantly I’m the mother of an amazing 11 year old daughter who is homeschooled, being a mother is my greatest life’s “werk” 

Koe: Share one life (not business) lesson for aspiring werking women.
Dawn: Always take time for self care, honor and love yourself in every
way possible. Take time DAILY to meditate, pray, and focus on your spiritually.
NEVER put yourself and your needs last. Get rest, eat well, stay healthy, and
most importantly stay in tune with your mental health.

Koe: How important is spirituality in relation to success?

Dawn:We are all source energy in a physical body, everything comes from the source (spirit/soul) within you, listen to it, follow it, and give it the highest honor and success will follow. When you are not in tune with your spirituality and inner self there is a disconnect and there will be suffering. When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on to your inner self the path to success is laid before you and all you have to do is have faith and patience. It takes many nights to be an overnight success so your spirituality will be what gets you through those long nights and tough times. 

Koe: How do you celebrate your success?
Dawn: I celebrate my success by helping others, sharing the knowledge I acquire gives me great joy. I believe we can all win. I also celebrate through gratitude / giving God and myself the highest honor. Treating myself to things I love and giving myself time away from work. 

Koe: WERK.Pray.Slay is defined as: dedicating your life to your dreams(werk),
grounding yourself in faith (pray) and showing out in celebration of your
success (slay). Which element do you relate to most in your career? WERK.PRAY or
SLAY? Why?

Dawn: I relate most to Pray because prayer makes werk and slay possible. It all starts from within. When I strengthened my faith, put all trust in God, and learned to be obedient (even when I don’t want to) life became so much easier. The more I pray The less I work, the more I slay. 
Connect with Dawn on social media @DawnWDickson and cheer her on as she continues to take over the world, one rollable flat at a time!