It always amazes me when beautiful, intelligent women let their emotions lead them down a path of destruction. What happened to all that knowledge you were dropping at work during your presentation, all that advice you were giving your girls when they were in bad relationships and all those street smarts you picked up as a kid? I mean…how far did those degrees really take you in you’re always the fool in love?

Enough is enough and it’s time to stop making excuses for being emotionally led. I get it, women are emotional creatures. We love hard, we feel strongly about our significant others and of course we want our relationships to work, but at what cost? When did relationship statuses start being more valuable than relationship happiness?

The bottom line is if you want to begin attracting better, you have to begin selecting better.

God blessed us with intuition that never fails. If only we heed the warnings, acknowledge the red flags and actually ACT on them instead of making excuses for bad behavior and sweeping it under the rug. There are 3 major reasons you may have a hard time letting go of that loser:

Boredom. You’re so desperate for a good time, so infatuated with the Instagram relationships that you are willing to settle for far less than you’re worth. If this is you, if you get caught up with less than worthy men because you think you have nothing better to do. WRONG! You have plenty to do! The truth is, unhappy single women are still unhappy in relationships so if you can’t even stand being alone with yourself, why on Earth would a man want to be alone with you? Take time to become a little more interesting..find a hobby, study a topic of interest and DATE YOURSELF until a worthy suitor comes along. But, by all means do not keep accepting date invitations from men who don’t even deserve your time just because you have nothing better to do…create something better!

Lack of self-love. I believe 100% that all healthy relationships begin with a healthy relationship with yourself. When you know your worth, recognize your greatness and acknowledge the beauty and blessings God has given you, you’ll stop selling yourself short in relationships. Women who get stuck in undesirable situations time after time should really take the time to evaluate themselves so they can increase their self-love. What’s there to love about you? What special gift did God bless you with? Once you’re able to identify the special qualities and characteristics that are unique to you, you will begin to love yourself so much more! You’ll finally begin to understand the type of man who’s really worthy of your love. Remember, you can’t give away what you don’t if you are lacking love, you won’t have any to give your King.

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Written by Koereyelle