So, all of our lives we’ve been told not to be easy women. But what if that’s the one thing that has been holding us back all along?

By “easy” I’m not referring to sex. Being easy is about letting your guard down and really healing from past hurts caused by failed relationships. Let’s face it, women are playing a major numbers game when it comes to dating. There are far too many beautiful women with beautiful spirits, college degrees and professional careers for you to think that a man should have to put up with your bad attitude or negative energy. Men love happy women, so find something to get happy about so that you can attract more happiness into your life!

When asked what qualities marriage-minded men look for in a wife, one happy husband says that they want women who are easy to love. He went on to explain that some women make it so hard for a man to love them by playing too many games and making them jump through hoops to prove their love and for most men that is a major turnoff. Here are 4 ways you can make yourself a little easier to love the next time around:

Be loving

Being hard to get can very easily translate into being hard to love. There’s a huge difference between setting standards to show a man how to treat you and making him go to ridiculous lengths to earn your love and I would hate for you to miss out on a great guy because you’re playing petty games.

One single guy complained that he’s run into several women who make him earn his way into their lives (based on their past dating experiences) instead of trusting him from the beginning until he gave them a reason not to. After all, you’re innocent until proven guilty NOT guilty until proven innocent.

Be honest with yourself. Are you giving quality men a hard time because of something that’s happened in your past or are you really giving them a fair chance? If you’re really ready for love you have to let your guard down long enough to give a man a chance. The alternative is keeping your guard up and remaining tough, playing games and allowing your own personal insecurities to sabotage your shot at love. The same guard that you put up to keep the clowns out could also be keeping your man out. What you put out is what you get back so, by being loving you are opening yourself up to receive love.


Be easy going

It’s ok to RELAX every once in a while. Step outside of your comfort zone long enough to try something new and not complain about it.  When was the last time you tried something for the first time? Men are big kids, so one thing they appreciate in a partner is the willingness to be adventurous and spontaneous and the ability to go with the flow. Sometimes women can get so caught up in what we will and won’t do and eventually our list of things we refuse to try gets out of hand. One way to ease into being easy going is with an alter ego. Create a new free spirited, fun loving and adventurous personality and let her come out to play! Your man will LOVE the fact that you know how to be the fun girl and can let the uptight girl have the night off sometimes.


Be easy to get along with

Stop making life so difficult all the time! You don’t always have to be in charge, prove your point or have the final word. Sometimes it’s really OK to agree to disagree and move on. And it really is exciting to let your guy decide where you’re going tonight, what you should have for dinner and what movie you should see next. Your man will want to take you out with his friends and family without having to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to get along with anyone or fearing you’ll have a bad attitude and ruin the fun.

Be easy on the eyes

Healthy is SEXY! Marriage-minded men appreciate women who take good care of themselves, are health conscious and make an effort to keep up their appearance. The same effort you put in attracting a man is the same effort it will take to sustain a happy relationship. No matter how great you look, we can always afford to improve. So, what can you do to upgrade your look or transition into a healthier lifestyle? Your man will definitely appreciate your healthy habits and it will show him that you are capable of creating a healthy home for your family.

Please understand that these are qualities that marriage-minded men will appreciate. You can’t expect a guy who’s only after sex to have the same response because only a quality man will truly recognize a quality women.

Written by Koereyelle