I’ve lived in Atlanta for almost 8 years and I’ve never known about the Atlanta Center for Holistic & Integrative Medicine (ACHIM) but boy am I glad I did! For the last 4 years, ever since I stopped teaching full time I haven’t had medical insurance..something I’m not ashamed to admit because I found a great replacement–TAKING CARE OF MYSELF. When I was working full time, I always seemed to find myself at the doctor’s office and it always frustrated me. 

You pay the co-pay for the visit, wait FOREVER to be called, wait FOREVER to be seen and then spend 10 minutes explaining what’s wrong. At the end of 90% of my appointments, the doctor would give me an unclear solution to the problem along with a prescription. 

Needless to say, after wasting several hundred dollars and way too much of my time–I decided to take matters into my own hands. Sometimes you have to think outside of the prescription bottle! I began researching vitamins, supplements and alternative health practices and started putting them to the test. I would consult my friend Jerri who’s a Master Herbalist and she’d advise me further based on the research I’d done. (I’m stressing the importance of researching on your own, never take anyone’s word without at least double checking)

Surprisingly, I haven’t had any health issues since I quit my 9-5..imagine that! I went from monthly doctor’s visits to ZERO. I like to attribute that to my peace of mind.

Anyway, this year I’m turning 30 so I decided it was time for a full health review BUT I didn’t want to go to a traditional doctor. I’ve visited the Chinese Medical Center a few times (love it!) but they don’t do blood work so I needed an alternative. After a quick google search, I found ACHIM! What I love most about them is they combine Eastern and Western medicine so it’s the best of both worlds! They do meridian testing, acupuncture and herbal tea/supplement treatments as well as traditional lab work and exams. 

Since I wanted to know everything I could about my current health, I got the works! 8 total blood vials drawn (ouch!) but it was worth it to enter 30 with a clean bill of health. The most shocking thing I found out was that I was extremely stressed. Although I don’t “fee” stressed, apparently my body has been feeling it. This is what led to my “Less Stress, More Success” Mindset Monday chat (read more here). I was shocked to find out that 90% of all diseases, ailments and illnesses are stress related AND a study has shown that a bad job is more stressful than unemployment! I wrote a whole blog about it, click here to check it out.

The most interesting info I found out was my blood type. I knew that there was a specific diet I should be following based on my type, but until yesterday I had no idea what mine was. Now I know I’m an O positive and it’s revealed so much! You know I love self-awareness so I’m always looking for new ways to explore mySELF. A quick google search revealed SO much..not just the ideal diet, but personality traits and so much more! If you know your blood type, click here to reveal a few things about yourself.



Remember, your health is your wealth and it’s definitely worth investing in!