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I know we have all heard the saying “you are what you eat,” but most of us probably don’t quite believe it.  Since the start of 2015, I have been on a complete lifestyle journey which includes constantly improving myself inside and out. Recently I completely a 10 day full body cleanse/detox and boy when I tell you it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. For 10 days I only ate raw foods (fruits and veggies) and of course I drank more water than I could imagine. Yes, I lost weight, actually 6 pounds, but besides the weight loss which was a bonus I learned that feeding my body wasn’t just about satisfying being hungry. It’s about fueling your body for optimal performance for whatever you do, whether it’s a 9-5 job or you are your own BOSS. Your body is your temple. Consider yourself an athlete in the workplace. Eat foods that promote brain power that last throughout the day. Everything you eat becomes a part of not only your inner being, but also your outer appearance as well. Now that I’ve completed my 10 day detox, I have become more conscience of what I put into my body. I have increased my water intake to more than half my body weight. Now I eat a lot more fruits and have acquired a taste for raw veggies. Surprisingly, I haven’t craved any sweets or my guilty pleasure: French Fries. It’s truly amazing what happens when you release all the toxins from your body naturally. You won’t want to consume what is called “bad foods” on a regular basis. I encourage each of you to slowly work towards fueling your body with real food, not processed food. Add more fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and lean meats, such as fish, chicken, and turkey into your diet. I’m not saying not to eat beef or pork for those who do, but eat it in moderation. Here’s a sample meal plan to help you towards fueling your body for optimal performance:

Breakfast: 3 egg whites, whole wheat toast, turkey bacon, and pure 100% juice

Snack: Fruit (any type)

Lunch: Boneless/Skinless meat with salad, low carb/calorie dressing (oil/vinegar based)

Snack: peanut nut butter, Nutella, honey on whole wheat crackers, fruit, and/or unsalted nuts

Dinner: Sweet potato, salad with fruit, and boneless/skinless meat (not fried)

We all want to be healthy, not just to look good for ourselves but to feel good too. As always remember your fitness journey is a lifestyle change not a diet. Always, strive to be your best, mind, body, and soul.


Written By: Tiffani Casurra, Exercise Physiologist & Health/Fitness Coach