We make our lists, create our dream boards and pray to God to send us the man of our dreams. But, very rarely do we stop and ask ourselves whether or not we meet Mr. Right’s requirements…The truth is, you are what you attract so if you want to date the man of your dreams you have to become the woman of his.

Today, I challenge you to answer this question: WOULD YOU DATE YOU?

I mean think about it, if you put your best and worst attributes on paper- how do you add up?

Consider these 4 questions to find out:

Are you over your ex?
Rule no. 1 in dating: don’t move on to the next until you’re REALLY over your ex. If someone mentions his name, are you instantly angry? Does it bring up bad emotions? If you answered yes, you’re not over him just yet and until you’ve fully healed from that hurt you’ll stay stuck. You absolutely CANNOT expect a successful relationship if you’re still upset with your ex and if you sweep those emotions under the rug, they’ll eventually come out anyway.

How you can fix it: Get to the bottom of the problem by facing the baggage head on. What lesson can you learn from the previous relationship? What positivity can you take away from your ex? Once you can come to terms with something you actually gained from the relationship, you’re better able to see the blessing in it and release the baggage.

Are you mentally prepared to date?
Whether you want to admit it or not, dating takes mental willpower. You have so many new things to consider now that you’re dating someone! Are you ready to share your secrets? Are you ready to consider someone else’s emotions and preferences when you make decisions? If not, take the time you need to prepare for the transition.

How you can fix it: Think back to the best relationship you’ve ever had. How was your life different at that time than it is now as a single woman? Think about the lifestyle changes that you’d have to make in order to return to a relationship. If you’re not ready for a smooth transition, take a moment to write out a few things you can start doing NOW to prepare for the transition. What attitude adjustments need to be made? What hang ups do you need to let go?

Are you spiritually aligned?
When your spiritual life is aligned with your physical life, success is inevitable. When you find yourself easily stressed or angered, there’s a good chance you’re not spiritually aligned. In order to really be able to give your all to a relationship, you must first be giving your all to yourself.

How you can fix it: MEDITATE! Sitting quietly and tuning out from the daily stresses and worries of life will do wonders for your spirit! Just 10 minutes of silence each day can add tremendous value to your life!

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