As an entrepreneur who’s WERKing toward wealth, I’m completely in awe of Kevin Hart right now! He’s probably the biggest star in Hollywood at the moment, releasing new movies every other month and touring the world in the meantime. One thing for sure, he’s leaving lots of success secrets along the way!

Like most successful entrepreneurs, Kevin had a humble start. He was raised by his mother and his father was in and out of his life and on and off drugs since he was a child. Instead of letting his circumstances break him, he used them to build his career.

So, what can we learn from Kevin Hart and his major success? Here are 6 ways to kill it like Kevin:

Get focused

Success doesn’t happen overnight. With every success story comes a struggle story and Kevin definitely has one of his own. Before landing his breakout role in Soul Plane, Kevin toured tiny comedy clubs under the title “Kevin the Bastard” in hopes of getting his big chance. He admits that he struggled so much in his early days because he was all over the place, trying to be everybody instead of being himself. Once he developed himself and confidently stepped into his career, it finally took off.

The lesson: You’ll never be successful while you’re imitating someone else. Their success is theirs and yours has to be yours. Focus on your own God given gifts and talents, they’re the tools you’ll need to really take off.

Remain Persistent

The critics and our community called Soul Plane one of the worst movies of all time. Although Kevin still gets criticism for his starring role, it was exactly what he needed to break into Hollywood once and for all. Instead of letting the poor reviews get to him, he used it as ammunition to launch his comedic career and never looked back.

The lesson: Your biggest disappointment could very well be your biggest blessing. No matter what obstacles you’re met with along your journey, let persistence push you toward greatness. Never ever ever give up.

Be ok with outgrowing people

Kevin experienced a very public (and slightly messy) divorce with his wife Torrei. Personal opinions aside, we’re human and sometimes we outgrow people and that’s a part of life. The people who are meant to be in your life will remain, the others will be removed.

The lesson: It’s ok to outgrow the people who are not meant to be in your life. As your career and success grow bigger, your circle will undoubtedly grow smaller. That’s life.

Diversify your portfolio

Kevin went from an all black cast on Soul Plane to his most recent movie with Will Farrell. He is surely diversifying his career. He’s toured all around the world and told jokes in countries whose first language isn’t even English. Instead of being satisfied with leading Black Hollywood, he wanted to be one of the hottest men in ALL of Hollywood and he’s done just that.

The lesson: For limitless success, it’s important to open yourself up to diverse opportunities. Don’t put yourself or your business in a box, instead create a brand that will be easily adaptable to all cultures.

Ignore the haters

When Mike Epps came from Kevin, he handled it so well! Instead of responding to the hate with hate, Kevin took the high road and recognized that hate comes with the territory. In fact, he was such the bigger man that Epps ended up looking foolish and had to publicly apologize.

The lesson: When you’re doing something great, haters gonna hate. It’s a part of life and it comes with the territory, so learn to expect it. Instead of fighting fire with fire, use that fire to fuel your future.

Work your ass off

There’s no way Kevin could possibly be so successful without a mean work ethic. Day in and day out, he’s dedicated to his dream and he’s grinding toward his goal. He has yet to become complacent. Instead, he’s seen what he’s capable of and maximized his potential to create positive results!

The lesson: Wealth takes WERK! Anything worth having is worth working for and your dream will always be a dream until you wake up and make it happen!

Written by Koereyelle

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