Throughout the month of March, we’re celebrating fierce, fearless WERKing women!


I sat down with my girl Meghann Hill to find out a few of her success secrets! This self-made stylist has built an extensive celebrity clientele, created her Brand The Foxy Pink Kittens and balances it all with a fiance and baby!

Koereyelle: If you could only choose 3 ingredients for success, what would yours be?

MH: 1. Vision, you have to be a visionary. Have the ability to see things that are tangibly there. 2. Drive. Action takes dreams from thoughts to reality.  3. Work Ethic. Your work ethic speaks for you when you are not present. People always remember how you work and how you treat them.
Koereyelle: What’s your most notable accomplishment to date?
MH: My notable accomplishment to date would have to be my family. I’m really proud of it. Keeping and maintaining a relationship is hard work. I’m in a really good place professionally and at home. I look around and all of my peers are single. I am blessed to have connected with my soul mate (cliche I know.)
Koereyelle: What’s the best advice you can offer for fighting fears?
MH: The best advice for fighting fear would be to accept your fears. It’s apart of being human. Don’t let that fear define you, as a means to keep you from what you want out of life.
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