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Its March can you believe it? How has 2015 treated you thus far? More importantly, how do you perceive your 2015 thus far? From ages 19 to 22, I always said the month of March was good to me. For those four years, I always had a dramatic change in March. Whether it be a new apartment, a new job, or a new car, there was always change. In those times of change I  focused on the positive. I didn’t focus on the fact that my new job was a result of being laid off from another. I didn’t entertain the fact that I had a new apartment due to a big breakup which resulted in me living on my own. I didn’t announce the reason that I had a new car was because I had to take public transportation for years to save for a car. I never  gave attention to the negative. All obstacles prepare and strengthens us for the next victory. There’s a scripture that says, “God is my strength and power and He maketh my way perfect.” With that being said, we need to be thankful for our new beginnings.

It can be difficult to be thankful for a door closing without see a new door opening. We as human beings can only see the present. We can only see what’s currently right before our eyes. Can you imagine if you knew every danger, obstacle, and hindrance you are protected from daily? I can only imagine that my angel bodyguards are very busy.  Focus on the new opportunity you will embark upon. Allow plenty of room for what matters most in your life –love, friendship, family and happiness.

If something in your life is not adding value, simply use your math skills and subtract that person or situation from your life. If you feel overwhelmed with 2015 right now, take a step back and look at what you’re involved in. Are you stretching yourself too thin? Are you making more of an effort to help someone else progress more than yourself?

This month of March, I challenge you to treat yourself as a flower. Now if you don’t garden or know how to care for flowers, you will learn by the end of this reading. Flowers are appreciated by their growth and beauty. The first step is to keep your vase filled with water when caring for flowers. All flower and foliage stems should be submerged. Since you are a flower what do you need to do? Keep your body nourished. You are the vehicle for your prosperity and success. Drink plenty of water and take  multi-vitamins as well. Secondly, remove dead or wilting leaves and stems from fresh flower arrangements. Catch that word? REMOVE! Remove dead weight that’s holding on. How can you appreciate your new opportunity if you have old staggering dead weight holding on to you? Lastly, watch your water. Monitor your growth. Analyze how you are caring for yourself. Watch your next opportunity move in closer to you faster than before.

Yours Truly,

Winnie Caldwell

Faith Based Blogger