african-american-woman-exercisingLosing weight or evening maintaining your weight takes work. Every day is a challenge. I’m sure you have read and tried all types of weight loss remedies. Some have worked and some have probably left you asking yourself why I even tried in the first place. Well here are five weight loss tips that are sure to surprise you!




1. Sleep– That’s right I said sleep. When you don’t get enough rest you upset your hormone levels which cause an increase in your appetite. Let’s face it if you’re tired you aren’t going to choose healthy foods, you’re going to choose something quick.

2. Chew gum– Chewing sugarless gum suppresses your appetite.

3. Drink coffee – Decaf coffee is a low calorie drink. For sweetness add soy or almond

4. Watch your posture– Keeping good posture will strengthen your core muscles which run from your butt up to your shoulders.

5. Food Shopping– When you go grocery shopping, shop around the perimeter of the store. This is where you usually find the seafood and meat section, dairy section, and fresh produce. Within the aisle are more processed foods packed with sodium and fat.


Remember weight loss is a daily journey. It didn’t take you over night to gain weight and it definitely won’t take a day to lose. Anything worth having requires work. Continue to strive to be the best you!




Written by Tiffani Casurra, Exercise Physiologist & Health/Fitness Coach