Marriage is a serious commitment, but don’t be so serious. 


Amen. It was an early Sunday morning when these words became a sermon as hubby and I laid in bed sharing some Pillow Talk. Considering the long hours that we both work during the week, Pillow Talk is one of the best times for us to connect and have social intercourse. Not only are our minds open and at ease, but we’re more relaxed and rested which is especially important if we need to have those not-so-easy conversations. 

This particular Sunday, I reminded my hubby that a week or two had passed since we sat down for our weekly business meeting –– a time where we not only put together a plan to reach our financial goals, but we check in with each other emotionally to see how things are going. Now, I’m a stickler when it comes to organization and keeping a schedule. If we’re supposed to meet and it doesn’t happen, I become bothered by the broken promise. I start nagging and hinting my disappointment through sassy words or sarcastic remarks. This automatically creates unnecessary tension all because things didn’t happen the way I wanted them to or according to my timetable. See, I’m dedicated to the success of our marriage (and my husband is too), but I was taking things like missing a meeting so seriously, that my husband had to remind me to relax. 

As we held each other in bed, the truth was setting me free. My serious attitude was affecting our marriage and it wasn’t just about the missed meetings. It was me getting stressed over having “too” much to do and not enough time to do it in, or not having the dirty clothes sorted and washed by a certain day and time. I was stressing, and he wasn’t. I always wondered why he stayed so cool, calm, and collected when bills were past due or whenever our cars were breaking down one after the other. I used to think that my hubby had a nonchalant attitude towards the things that I was serious about. Truth is, he knew everything would work out. He’s not only committed to our marriage, but he’s committed to a peaceful and stress-free one. 

Our bedside baptist service provided a strong word that morning. Marriage is a serious commitment. You’re promising to love each other for better or for worse….’til death do you part. But being the best wife that you can be and creating a successful marriage, won’t happen if you’re allowing situations in your relationship to aid worry and stress. Promises may be broken, schedules may be thrown off bit, and you might even get overwhelmed with your responsibilities. But even in all that learn not to sweat the small stuff, keep calm and embrace your marital journey.