You’ve heard the song, by now you’re probably singing it in your head.

But I want you to consider a different perspective. When I was younger, my “type” had everything to do with looks and nothing to do with character. As I got older and more mature, I began to realize what really mattered and looks were no longer at the top of the list. I mean, who really cares if he drives a luxury car and has an expensive home, if his character is worthless? No matter who you are, you’ve chosen a mate in the past for some shallow reason..we’re human. But, the goal is to learn from our mistakes and prevent them from happening again. 

Over are the days that I chase down bad boys because I’d look great on their arm and gone are the days that I choose the man who looks good over the man who treats me good. 

Today I want to encourage you to reevaluate your “list” and rethink your “type.” Consider the qualities and character traits that you’d want the father of your children to pass on to them. If you’re dating a man who has no future, isn’t helping you secure yours or doesn’t value you- LET HIS ASS GO. You can do bad all by yourself. 


Moving forward, your only type should be a man who treats you right.  I’m challenging you to let go of of few of those rules- definitely maintain your standards, but don’t let a great opportunity pass you by because you’re worrying about the wrong things! So, next time you’re approached by a guy you wouldn’t normally be interested in, give him a try. You never know what a first date could develop into. Even if he doesn’t end up being your husband, he could be a great friend or business partner..hell, he might even introduce you to your husband. Either way, there’s no harm in trying something/someone new!

Sing it with me…”I ain’t got no type! A good man is the only thing that I like!”