As a professional wedding planner, I already knew what was coming. I’m constantly reminding my

clients, “This is your wedding, not your family or friend’s wedding”. But somehow, since my

engagement in September, I had forgotten my #1 rule. Of course, I wanted to please everyone, I mean

who wouldn’t want to see the smiling faces of their loved ones gathered around to celebrate joy and

marriage. But my wedding was growing, not only in guests but also in costs. And did I mention it was

stressful. I found myself inviting extra people and changing my theme just to keep everyone else happy.

I had never had a problem managing my client’s weddings and events but my own wedding was a

different story.


Before I met my fiancé Matt, I had always imagined a small intimate wedding including my family and

closest friends. But once I got engaged, I begin to mentally plan this big elaborate wedding that I never

really wanted. My fiancé could easily sense my stress. As always, he knew exactly what to say to ease

my mind. He reminded me that the wedding day is only one page of our love story and that our special

day was exactly that, ours. He knew what I had forgotten, no matter how extravagant our wedding day,

it would NEVER outshine the love that we’ll share for a lifetime. Now you understand why I love him so



We began to talk about what would make us happy. After a lot of discussion we agreed that we would

share our vows intimately together. So we pushed our date up, scratched the big wedding, and began to

plan our marriage ceremony abroad. We absolutely love our families and friends, but we decided that

we wanted to experience this moment privately.


As our wedding day approaches, our excitement grows. We couldn’t be happier with our decision. In 3

months, we’ll be married on the beautiful beaches of Jamaica. I can’t wait to marry the love of my life in

a ceremony planned especially for us. Let the countdown marriage begin!


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