All Hail the Queen. I salute the members of The Single Wives Club. It’s empowering to see single women set standards for themselves and to intentionally prepare for the life that they will share with their future husbands. As The Wife Coach & Director of The Wives Society, my goal has always been to be transparent about life After You Say, “I Do.” I wrote my second book, The Tiara: 5 Ways to Reign as Queen of Your Castle to teach women who are married or planning to be how to be effective in their roles and how to create and sustain true intimacy with their husbands.

However, even Before You Say “I Do,” you can still reign as queen of your castle. Here are 5 ways that you can start preparing for the day that you will sit on your marital throne. (Note: the principles have been altered to suit the audience of this blog)

1. Tame Your Tongue. Queens understand that there is great power in her words. Before she speaks, she thinks: Is it thoughtful? Is it helpful? Is it inviting? Is it necessary? Is it kind? The man that you desire to marry can be brought into existence by the words you use. Refrain from talking about your past hurts or negative experiences with men unless you’re speaking from a place of healing. Be sure to speak in a way that creates what you do want and not what you don’t want.

2. Interpret Your Definition of Love. Queens understand how to love their husbands. But they first have to learn how to love themselves. Do this by first defining what loves means to you. For some it’s patience and kindness. For others it’s compassion and thoughtfulness. After you define it, become it. If it means patience or thoughtfulness, then be patient and thoughtful. Lastly, show love. Love is a verb; it’s something you must do. You show love by treating yourself like royalty. Extend the same love to others, but continue to set standards for yourself and strive for nothing but the best.

3. Affirm Yourself With Sweet Words. Queens build themselves up with pleasant words. Begin affirming who you are as a single wife even as you’re becoming a better woman before becoming a wife. Before You Say, “I Do,” know who you are and how to empower yourself. Starting each statement with “I AM”, declare how beautiful and successful you are. Allow your words to flow freely and consistently, creating a sense of wholeness and worthiness within.

4. Respect Your Position. Queens, know your position, so when the time comes you will know and respect his. Embrace your femininity, so you can respect his masculinity. Support your vision, so you can respect and support his. Honor your dreams, so you can respect and honor his. Love yourself, so you can love him. Respect yourself, so you can respect him.


5. Arouse Your Sexuality … Often. Queens know that sex is a special bond that they will share with their husband. But it’s not about sowing your royal oats while you wait for Mr. Right. It’s about knowing how to be confident in your sexuality now. From the way you dress and walk, to the way you flirt and talk, learn how to arouse your inner sexiness … often. Need help? Get schooled by the seduction Queen herself, Ms. Harley of School of Seduction. She’ll teach you how to enhance your confidence and exude the kind of energy that screams “I am a Queen.” Harley will even teach you a few bedroom tricks to save for your future king. Enroll in seduction class today at www.school-of-seduction.com


Written by Lakia “LB Brandenburg

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