Wealthy people don’t work for people. By wealth, I’m referring to the power you possess when you control your destiny and the personal freedom that you’re afforded when you are the boss. While I understand everyone does not aspire to become an Entrepreneur, I also realize that our generation has been trained to believe in the work system instead of being properly educated about the wealth system. So, I’m merely offering another perspective.

Now don’t get me wrong, real wealth takes WERK. It takes time, dedication, effort and energy to build a business into a successful company. But the work it takes is very similar, if not equal to the work you’re already putting in to building someone else’s business. You know how the phrase goes “If you don’t follow your dreams, you’ll end up working for someone who followed theirs.”

Still on the fence about whether you deserve to design your destiny and live a life that you love? Here are 5 reasons to Be Your Own Boss:


#1 The essence of life is in pursuing your purpose

You may be a natural at your job and you may even enjoy your work, but that doesn’t mean you’re pursuing your passion. You’re only given a chance at living this life ONE time, why waste it it wandering around aimlessly because you’re stuck in the “cycle” of life..work, home, sleep, work, home, sleep.

You owe it to yourself to pursue your passion and live life to the fullest with no regrets.


#2 You deserve to see the fruits of your labor!

There is nothing more disappointing about working a corporate job than not seeing the fruit of your labor. After you’ve worked your fingers to the bone, spent your lunch hour at your desk and missed your children’s engagements because of deadlines at work; do you receive anything more than a paycheck? Do you ever really see the benefits of busting your butt? I think not.


As an Entrepreneur, you directly benefit from all of your work. When you spend extra time on a project, you are rewarded with a loyal client. When you complete extra work, you get extra pay. Being your own boss allows you to take 100% credit and blame for everything you put out.


#3 You can control your calendar

Imagine being able to schedule your own meetings, choose which tasks are of most importance and free up your time for the things you love! That’s the life you’re afforded when you’re an Entrepreneur. You may have to spend several late nights putting in WERK, but I guarantee it will be a completely different experience when you are on your own time.

#4 Live outside the box

As an employee, you’re forced to fit into the “corporate culture” and your personal freedoms are limited. You must dress within company standards, hide your personal imperfections for fear of termination and behave the way they see fit so that you’re properly representing the brand. Why not dictate your own life? You owe it to yourself to find your way out of the corporate box and elevate yourself to freedom.

If you decide that you’re finally brave enough to get that tattoo you’ve been wanting, why not go out and get it instead of fearing repercussions at work. If you’re ready to try a new hairstyle, you should be able to do just that. As an Entrepreneur, you are able to live by your own rules!

#5 No Salary Cap

The one thing I despised about teaching was the fact that no matter how hard I worked, how much overtime I spent with my kids and no matter how well they performed, my paycheck stayed the same. Whether I was Teacher of the Year, whether my test scores were the highest or whether I truly loved and cared for my students,  my salary was set. I could have been the worst teacher or best and the school board was going to write that check each month regardless.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I could not stand to work within the system forever. It’s only a matter of time before hard working and dedicated employees realize how much more successful they could be if they got creative with their talents.


So, what skills and special training have you picked up along the way that you can use to launch a new career, one that you’re in control of? WERK smarter, not harder by leveraging every contact and connection you’ve developed in your corporate job because only YOU CAN DESIGN YOUR DESTINY!









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