Being a real BOSS means you consistently seek improvement, constantly set new goals and are always eager to learn something new. One of the best ways to ensure that you’re learning and growing each day is by reading. Reading is the number one way to become a  lifelong learner.

Learning new information and opening yourself up to new perspectives is a very effective way to guarantee yourself personal and professional success. After all, you’re not a real BOSS unless all areas of your life are aligned- mentally, physically, spiritually, financially AND professionally. Here are four Entrepreneur favorites that are sure to inspire creativity,  empower you to reach for the stars and enhance your spirit.

 [MASTER THE MONEY MINDSET] Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill  


If you’ve listened to Rick Ross’ latest album, Mastermind, it is filled with interludes from this  Napoleon Hill book. He is the brilliant mind behind the “Mastermind Principle” (two or more minds working together in perfect harmony for a common objective.) This Boss’s Bible has been called the most important financial book ever written. In it, Hill teaches about the relationship between money and the mind- sharing ways to enhance your ability to consciously create an intention to be successful and find financial freedom. The book outlines success secrets from hundreds of history’s most successful men, from Andrew Carnegie to Henry Ford. This is a MUST READ for anyone who dares to dream big, and follow through!


[PERFECT YOUR PEOPLE SKILLS] The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz 


This is a MUST READ for personal development. It is nearly impossible to be successful in business when your thoughts are not aligned with your intentions. In the four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz shares four principles to create love and happiness in your life. He also shares an in-depth look at how we developed our personalities, prejudices and beliefs based on what we experienced as children. This book will help you reveal your deficiencies and replace them with positive alternatives with four principles everyone can appreciate.


[MAKE YOUR MONEY WERK FOR YOU] Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki 

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Referred to as the number one personal finance book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad tells the childhood story of money principles learned from a rich father and a poor father. Author Robert Kiyosaki teaches money saving, making and investment principles that he learned from the failures and successes of his father and his best friend’s father. This book will change your perception of money and intensify your desire to dream big!


[GET YA MIND RIGHT] The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews 


The only fictional book to make the Boss’s Book list is the Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews! In it, he shares  seven decisions that determine personal success. Through colorful stories and exciting adventures, he shares valuable life lessons that will offer you a greater insight on and appreciation of LIFE. From seeking wisdom to choosing happiness and being a person of action, you are guaranteed to take away a valuable lesson that will aid in your personal and professional success.

Wealthy people enjoy learning new things every single day. More importantly, they consciously applytheir newfound knowledge because knowing something without taking action means nothing. So, while it’s important to take in new information, be sure to apply it with new actions and intentions.

No time to read? Purchase the audio book OR invest in a Kindle (which has an awesome feature that will read the book aloud!) Another great way to add excitement to education is with a group of friends! Start up a local reading group or join an online book club with women who can share in the learning experience! As always, I encourage you to turn off the TV, invest in your intellect and read a damn book!

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