Online dating is a relatively new and exciting way to meet your ideal partner; it can be even more exciting if you have never tried online dating before. You can end up with many new and interesting dates and maybe even a life long relationship. What some people forget, however when starting this journey is to remember to use your common sense. This doesn’t just matter when it comes to the safety of online dating, but for all types of dating.

What people do not understand is that perfect person that they are looking for probably isn’t going to be surfing dating sites all the time. Take your time, and have a good look at your match, don’t just look at how much money they make or their looks. Start small; send them a few emails first, and then when you become happier move on to instant messaging. If what they say feels too good to be true, then they might be lying, just so you will meet them. Hopefully this isn’t the case, and you really have found your perfect match, but make sure you figure this out before arranging to meet him or her in person. Protecting your anonymity is very important. Don’t tell them your home address or give them a phone number within minutes of meeting them, look into more things about them first. Don’t even give them the name of your place of employment. Make sure you are ready! If anyone hassles you for information then make sure you block them right away and move on. Remember more and more people are suing websites like on a daily basis because of bad experiences. Another thing to consider is sites like have also started suing their clients that misuse their service. So make sure you read all their rules.

As well as protecting your identity, protect your heart. Finding that perfect match isn’t always what it turns out to be. They may be perfect on your computer screen, but not in real life. Try and save the romance part of the relationship for when you actually meet. Don’t be fooled by someone’s words, they may be lying, ask them to prove what they are saying. You never know who you are meeting. More and more people are reporting bad experiences with sites like One of the main problems with and Tinder is some people are lying about who they are. People with criminal records are even registering! So you really do need to be careful! Another problem with that people are reporting is the fact that they don’t receive matches until their subscription is about to expire! Some people have even started to hire private investigators that specialize in online dating service investigations. Now this may seem to be a little extreme for some people, but having background information may also save your life.

Here are five important online dating cautions to remember when using, Tinder or any other online dating service –

  1. Google the person before you meet him or her to see their digital footprint. 

  2. Always take your mobile phone on every date.

  3. Make sure to leave the person’s name with a family member.

  4. Have your own transport, in case something feels strange about the date.

  5. Make sure you always meet the person in a public place.

It may seem like a lot of hassle to be that cautious, but it is better to be safe than sorry! Those five things mentioned will allow you to feel safer knowing that your date isn’t a criminal or someone who could endanger your life. 

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