Want to learn how to turn a man on? Yeah I know, just get naked, but not this time. We previously discussed the 12 Ways To Turn A Woman On Without Physical Contact and now we must do the same for the men. I will let you know now that I intentionally left of things like appearance because most of you already understand that men are very visual. I wanted to point out the qualities of more substance that may come as a surprise to some women. Make sure you read it all, and truly process what’s being said. I made sure to ask around, and do a quick survey on my facebook page. So sit back and learn some of the qualities that can turn a man on.


When a woman can be honest, clear, and consistent, that can be very sexy. When a man feels he has to constantly play the guessing game with a woman, that isn’t appealing, it’s just confusing and frustrating. This doesn’t mean a woman has to tell all her business to a man she barely knows. It just means that you don’t play games, you say what you mean, and you mean what you say.


A confident woman knows who she is and embraces her self-worth. It is refreshing to see and it definitely draws the attention of most (if not all) men. It can easily raise a man’s desire for that woman, and only enhances her beauty. Confidence is sexy point blank period, but like it was mentioned on the men’s list, don’t confuse it with arrogance and being stank! Yeah I said stank, and that will only get you so far.

Sense of Humor

A woman doesn’t have to have jokes ready to toss out every time she talks to a man. But the ability to smile, laugh, and just lighten up can go a long way. Some women are just too serious, and don’t really know how to have a good time. When a woman can learn to let go, throw some humor in from time to time, and enjoy life, that makes her very appealing. If she can make him laugh too, big bonus, but just being able to laugh with him will have a positive impact.


A woman that knows how to carry herself is a huge turn on for a lot of men. She knows how to be a lady in the streets, and we’ll leave the freak part alone for today. Being very secure with herself and knowing how to be classy when needed is very much respected. When a woman seems to be all over the place, or emotionally unstable, that will make most men eliminate that women from any potential of a serious relationship and will flat out turn a lot of men off.

Knowing how to cook

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. I don’t completely agree with this quote, but I do know that when a man finds a woman who can cook, a lot of them get very excited. Literally they will report back to their friends, “man this girl is fine, has a good job, super cool, AND SHE CAN COOK!”. They may break out in celebration right there, because she obviously is now a keeper. Or course this isn’t a turn on for all men, but it surely has never been a turn off. Cooking skills are almost always a plus.


A lot of men don’t trust women. They may have been burned in the past or seen a lot of betrayal in other situations. So when that man comes across a woman that he views as loyal, it can have a very strong impact on him. Loyalty is an attribute men place a lot of value in. It doesn’t matter if it’s family, friends, or sports, they want it and are drawn to it. This is one attribute that it will take longer to assess, but once it’s acknowledged, it can speak volumes.


If a woman comes off as boring and lacking any passion in her life, that can actually make her less attractive in the eyes of some men. Yet when a woman is comfortable and confident enough to show desire and passion, that can be a huge turn on. This doesn’t mean a woman should throw herself at a man (that’s where poise comes in). It just means having that energy that can be very contagious and contribute to sparks flying.


Contrary to what some women may believe, a lot of men love smart women. They don’t like the women who thinks that her high level of intelligence gives her a right to be condescending, rude, or disrespectful. Yet plenty of men appreciate and are intrigued by a sharp woman who can also have a good conversation on a variety of topics. A smart woman adds value to the relationship, and a lot of men are very turned on by that.


Selfish is never sexy. A woman having a me, me , me attitude can quickly push a man away and cause him to lose his desire for her. When a woman has a caring, giving, and nurturing spirit, that is exactly what most men are very happy to see in that woman. Men crave that, and are just drawn to that type of energy. It’s a very good look on a woman, and a man is likely to take notice of it.


Just be yourself. It’s that plain and simple. People are drawn to those that are genuine, and men are no different. A woman who keeps it real, and embraces who she is, is very sexy. It will exude that confidence I spoke about earlier in this article. Some women go out of their way to try to be and look like someone they’re not. You might pull off sexy for a day, but being genuine can make you sexy for life.


Yes, a lot of men are turned on by an independent woman. The fact that she can be self sufficient, and doesn’t need a man to survive definitely works in her favor. This woman adds value to a man’s life, as long as she doesn’t devalue the need to embrace the love he wants to give her. It isn’t her ability to be independent that most men dislike, it is the unwillingness to bring down walls and understand that interdependence is needed and desired for a very happy and fulfilling relationship.

Embraces Respect

First that means having self respect. A woman with standards and demands respect, not in a overly aggressive or abrasive way, but does so while still embracing her feminine energy is greatly admired. When she also knows how to treat others in a respectful and positive manner this just makes her that much more beautiful. She isn’t a pushover by any means, because that isn’t a turn on at all. She just knows she deserves to be treated with respect, and she knows how to speak to a man in a way that makes him want her, not hate her.

I know some women will read this and say they have seen plenty of women get men despite lacking many of these qualities. The choices that some men make don’t tell the whole story, and it doesn’t change the fact that a lot of men do genuinely desire these qualities when they are entertaining the possibility of more than just a sexual relationship . If you’re still saying that men overlook good women all the time, well consider checking out my teleseminar “Why Men Overlook Good Girls & What You Can Do About It” by emailing me at contact@stephanspeaks.com. Either way, these qualities should be embraced and can bring very positive results.

So ladies and gentlemen do agree with this list? Be sure to comment and share any other attributes I may have forgotten to mention that personally turn you on.

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