“Hey! Sarah I need toilet paper I’m in here in your bathroom can you bring me some?”  Sarah responds, “Sorry Lydia I’ve been meaning to get some here goes a paper towel.” Have you ever been over a friend’s house and she ran out of toilet paper? Personally my first thoughts are: what has she been doing all this time without toilet paper? How long has she been without toilet paper? Is the food safe to eat? Why did she invite me over when her home was not conducive for guests?

Now this may seem a little harsh (if you are a mother then you already think this way due to wanting to keep your kids healthy.)  Believe it or not when a man is looking for a wife, meaning he is commitment minded and not just coming over to hop in bed with you for a night. He comes into your home and starts evaluating things. How do I know? My Dad and Uncles taught me all of the things that you are seeing on this list. A good male actor friend of mine said, “Several months before I proposed to her I went into her bathroom and it was pristine. I knew that it she kept her home this spotless by herself then she could definitely keep my kids environment clean.” When a man sees that the basic household essentials are not present he’s going to wonder what is up with you. It brings up concerns like: can you manage a home? Do you believe in hygiene?

If you are a Single Wife I know you want to prepare your mind, heart, spirit, and home for marriage. Here is a list of Household Essentials that every woman should have. Do not get caught without the essentials.

  1. Empty Pantry? So you may not be a gourmet chef but if you invite people over you should always have snacks, water, and juice. It shows that you are a considerate woman and that you have good manners. You can purchase things like: popcorn, nuts, cookies, chips and salsa, crackers, and more. These snacks have a good shelf life that you can whip out in the event that you have someone stop over. You can say, “Would you like a light snack or something to drink?”
  2. Let’s Be Entertained: If you are like me then you might or might not have cable. The things on television are ruining our brain cells. However, I have to consider that a guest might love television. I have a decent sized television, a DVD player, and lots of movies to choose from. I also have a variety of board games. When’s the last time you played a game with a guy? It might be something new and fun to try.
  3. The Kitchen: Yes you need pots, pans, plates, cups, wine glasses, forks, knives, spoons, a trashcan with trash bags, dish soap, sponges or dish towels, and dishwashing liquid.
  4. You need real silverware yes some forks, spoons. If you are going to have people in your home they need things to eat off of.
  5. Hygiene: Hygiene products are one of my most important categories. As a woman we should be soft, feminine, and clean. This starts with caring about your hygiene. You should always have the following items: toilet paper (2 ply), tampons or pads, hand soap, paper towels, clean hand towels, extra toothbrushes, extra deodorant.
  6. Bandage Me Up Baby: So you are watching a movie and your boyfriend gets up too quickly. He hits his knee on the edge of the coffee table and it starts to bleed. This is a good way to show off your nurturing skills because you have a little first aid kit. You clean his cut with a little rubbing alcohol or peroxide and stick a Band Aid on him. Other things you should have are Alka Seltzer, Pepto, Aspirin, Allergy Medicine, and floss.
  7. Lights Out: Well here in the city of Atlanta the weather is quite unpredictable. This is why you should have a flashlight with batteries, some candles, matches, and if you have a fireplace you should have a starter log and wood. If the power goes out, or the heat shuts off, it’s no skin off your back because you were prepared.
  8. What’s That on the Floor? It’s nothing more embarrassing than having guests over and then all of a sudden there’s a bug. Now if there is a man in the room he will probably laugh and kill it for you but if its friends over then you should have a little bug spray handy.
  9. Let’s Pick This Up: Sometimes things get on the floor but they definitely shouldn’t stay there. You should have a vacuum, broom, dust pan, and mop with a mop bucket. If you have hardwood floors then get some hardwood floor cleaner and try to do it at least every 2 weeks if not every week.
  10. Practice Makes Perfect: So you aren’t the greatest cook? No big deal go to Barnes and Noble and get an easy cookbook. Many people fail in the cooking department because they do not follow the directions. Don’t make up your own just follow the instructions, be confident, patient, and make a nice meal. Practice, practice, practice.
  11. Got Socks? Of course you do but let’s make sure they are delightfully clean. Always keep your laundry detergent and fabric softener stocked.
  12. Conversation Pieces: People come into your home and they start looking around. Give them something nice to look at. This could be in the form of great art work, family portraits, or collector coffee table books. These are known as conversation pieces. People will observe them and ask you questions about them and it’s a good way to create more conversation.
  13. I’m Cold: Always have extra blankets, pillows, and throws for your guests. Have you ever been cuddled up on the couch with a guy you were dating and you tell him you are cold? If you were under the age of 25 he went and pulled the sweaty blanket off of his bed and you are probably thinking dude this is gross! Don’t get caught slipping have some extra clean blankets to share with your lover. Also if one of your girlfriends crashes at your place you should be able to offer her a nice warm blanket and comfortable pillow.
  14. Got a pen? In this age of laptops, iPads, Droid phones, and more we never think about buying pens and notepads until…we need one. Always keep a few pens and notepads handy just in case.
  15. You Smell So Good: These are words uttered by a man that loves your scent. Every lady should have a nice signature perfume. This is not to put down the body splash at Bath and Body Works but we are women. You need a nice quality scent. Head on over to Macy’s or Bloomingdales, find a scent that works for you and buy it. You will be glad that you did after the responses you receive. If you get a quality perfume like a Chanel a little goes a long way just two squirts and you’re done.


  1. Kids: So you don’t have kids but the older you get, the more you will encounter others who do. Believe it or not, some families do not go over certain people’s homes because it is either unsafe for children, or there is nothing for the children to do. If you are preparing to be a wife and mother one day, it’s okay to purchase a few coloring books, stickers, gummy bears, and if you are an over achiever like me, a few jars of baby food along with a few bottles. You never know. When your friend says, “girl I want to stay and visit longer with you but I’m out of baby food.” If you really want her to stay then say, “girl no problem I have pureed yummy spoon-fuls sweet potatoes in the pantry.”
  2. Can You Plug This Up? Since we are always on the go we should have a car charger for our cell phones. You never know what could happen. Keep those devices charged and handy in case of emergency.
  3. I’m Stranded, HELP: I have two sets of jumper cables in my car. One to connect with compact vehicles and the other for trucks. If you live in a hot city then you have to change your battery more often than those who live in less sunny climates because the heat wears the battery down. Be sure to keep jumper cables in your car.

I hope these tips were helpful to you. The desire of your heart should ultimately be to create a welcoming and loving environment. Your home is going to be the resting place for you and your family. Start now by creating that resting place for yourself and watch the love flood in. For more information and consultation on how to make your house a home. Email Love@SaVorV.com

From My Heart To Yours,