One thing I’m always trying to do is STEP MY GAME UP. As women, we have to let go of the “take me as I am” mentality and get real! I mean seriously, there are way too many beautiful, intelligent women in the world for us to feel like a man should show up and accept us flaws and allWRONG! Instead of spending the rest of your life waiting on that man, spend a few months fixing your issues. Whether they are mental, physical or emotional, they WILL be detrimental to your next relationship if you don’t get it together now.

I remember speaking to John Hyatt (Our Coach of Love) once and he told me about a client who had been single for 3 years because she was “preparing for the next relationship.” Sounds good, right? The only problem is that she didn’t actually DO anything to prepare. She didn’t work on bettering herself. She didn’t fall in love with her life. She didn’t evaluate her life and improve her weaknesses. She didn’t get rid of the baggage from her last relationship. She literally took a break. She kept to herself, didn’t meet new people and didn’t change her ways. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but doing nothing will get you nowhere. Please don’t believe that ‘taking time off’ from dating will make your next relationship any better than the last. Until you have done some serious soul searching and released the baggage of toxic relationships, you’re not ready. So take the time you need, but use it wisely. Don’t waste years sitting in your house, not meeting new people, not taking care of your body and wondering why men aren’t beating down your door.


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Time to FIX YOUR LIFE! What’s your STOCK VALUE?
If you haven’t already done so, make your list of ASSETS and LIABILITIES. What baggage are you holding on to that is bringing down your value? Be real with yourself and then find a way to STEP YOUR GAME UP. Little improvements can go a long way. But, you have to START SOMEWHERE. 


With So Much LOVE,