So, the other day in my reading, I learned about the value and necessity of win/win relationships and I just HAD to share! Van Moody talks about how we get caught up in these relationships that no longer serve us because we are too comfortable, emotionally needy or afraid of being alone. The success of any relationship depends on both people giving and receiving, it requires mutual pursuit and joint benefit- that is when it is truly a win/win relationship.



Take a moment to analyze all the relationships you’re in (friendships, family relationships, business partnerships and romantic relationships) and figure out whether you are gaining as much as you are giving OR whether you are taking more than you are giving. (When I read this part, I immediately sent out a few text messages to the people who ALWAYS have my back to find out what I could do for them because I never want anyone to feel like I’m doing all the taking and none of the giving). 
Win/Win relationships add positively to your life and they:
-won’t allow you to become complacent
-offer unconditional love and acceptance
-provide a safe place to be yourself
-challenge you to become better
-give their time and energy when needed
Sometimes those win/win relationships get mistaken for friendships when they could have potential for romance. You know what they say about marrying a man who loves you more?! Well, my sister forwarded me a text someone sent her the other day that said “You want to know where your husband is? He’s in the friend zone where you left him.” As you are evaluating your relationships today, do a quick check of the “‘friend zone.” I know of SO many women who realized after YEARS of knowing a guy that he was the one based on his consistency and his willingness to make her happy. It’s a shame that the guys who are usually head over heels, willing to do whatever we want are labeled “bug-a-boos” or “thirsty.” The ones who are doing all the right things are usually taken for granted. The guy who will make a great husband usually isn’t the guy who gives you butterflies when it’s date night..he might be the annoying guy who calls you every night to see how you day went and texts you every morning to let you know he’s thinking of you and is willing to do whatever you ask (such a turnoff huh?! lol). Get clear about what you NEED because you may already have it! My boo was hiding in the friend zone, and boy am I happy I woke up and realized it before I missed out on my blessing!


Everyone in your life is either an asset or a liability. It’s up to you to remove and release anyone who no longer adds value or isn’t moving in the direction of your dreams!

With SO Much LOVE,


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