The book of Asshole teaches that a woman will put up with whatever you throw at her if she has no one else to fall back on. Handsome guys, average guys, even ugly ones, are quick to remind a girl that there are other fish in the sea and that nothing about her can’t be replaced. Using this Ike Turner like mindfuck trick, dudes convince women that they can’t do better, won’t do better, and should be thankful she found him. While “Go be with them other bitches” has become a girl power battle cry, it’s a hollow threat. Once a woman is infatuated with a man, she doesn’t really want him to go be with other bitches, her actions of submitting to his demands or trying to make it work contradict her, “you must not know about me” bravado. A master manipulator figures out from the introduction that you’re either the type of woman who has guys knocking at her door, or the type who cracks the door and hopes someone walks by. Guess which one he’s going to try harder to pull? There are women who know their value, but there remains a large percentage who are controlled by this paranoia that there are only a few quality men in this world that will ever cross her path and be interested. As soon as this type of female meets a man that has four out of her ten must-have’s, she shuts down shop and prays to the heavens that this guy sticks around. That’s the kind of thirst that can’t be clowned because most females are guilty of it.

thethirstisveryrealThe biggest mistake you can ever make is to take yourself off the market for the potential of a man that you don’t even know. I read this study that said women feel empowered by speed dating because of the free choice. You’re not a slave, and you don’t need to pay for something you can do yourself each weekend. Fellas go fishing with the mindset to catch as many as possible, they don’t get over excited at the first bite, or stop after reeling ONE in. We men serial date and juggle women until we find one worth focusing on. Far too many exceptional ladies live by this idea that the right one is simply the next one who taps her on the shoulder. Women refuse to serial date and have been brainwashed to think of it as a dirty thing. Some girls will even turn down a phone number just because she has a first date coming up and wants to wait for the outcome of that. That stupid shit is like turning down 10 G’s on the spot because you have a lottery scratch off waiting at home, that you have a good feeling about. Women know how to multitask better than men; I see them on the 405 freeway applying makeup while driving with their knees. Y’all can tweet this, Facebook that, and text your friend, “gurl dis heaux Mimi acting real xtra this season :( :( ” all at the same time from the same damn phone! However, when it comes to dating, women flat out refuse to give their attention to more than one man at a time. I’m not sure if it’s being emotionally lazy, the stigma of being a hoe, or just a flat out refusal to evolve into a 21st century being. You don’t have to serve every dude in town, but no free agent ever got the best deal by choosing to only negotiate with the first team that calls with interest.

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