In a world where we spend 15 minutes taking ‘selfie’ pics, just to get 1 instagram worthy shot- we are surprisingly unconscious of how others see us.  We care way too much about the number of likes we get, and not enough about our true character. Napoleon Hill speaks about the power of a pleasing personality. It is priceless in all aspects of life- you’d be surprised how many benefits you’ll start to get by simply saying hello to someone and asking how their day is going. Especially as an entrepreneur, your personality is your pay check.

About two and a half years ago, I set out to go on a ‘Self Improvement Plan’. Although it started out as just a joke, one day I ended up doing a deep self-reflection.  I asked myself how others think of me, how they would describe me and what impression they have of me. I had a pretty good idea of how they would describe me..and I wasn’t too happy about it.  Mind you, I was the typical sorority girl in college, so being friendly was pretty much out of the question for me. But, now I was too old for that. It wasn’t ‘cool’ to be mean anymore. I decided that I wanted people to think of me as kind, caring, considerate and a good friend. How would I change their perception? By changing my actions.  I decided that day that I would work on ALL my negative traits and consciously create the person I wanted to be. It all started with that decision.

Today, I decided to try a little experiment.  It’s time for me to see if my work has paid off.  Have I really accomplished what I set out to do? I woke up this morning and decided I wanted to know what perception people have of me now, so I sent out a mass text that read:

What are 3 words you would use to describe me?

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The responses I got were so amazing.  I was literally floored by the replies.  I was so thankful to be described as: ambitious, strong, dependable, intelligent, motivational, creative, driven, courageous, bold, amazing, goal-oriented, loving, enthusiastic, focused, energetic, reliable and innovative.

All it takes is conscious effort to create a change.  Perception is reality.  Today, I challenge you to check yourself.  Take an inventory of your character.  How are you perceived by others?  Try this little experiment and see what type of responses you get. One small change can create a completely new perspective.

With SO much LOVE,