Are you shutting the door to a room in your home and pretending it does not exist? If the mere thought of beginning a massive clean-up seems overwhelming, here is the solution. See how to break down the tasks and gain back peace of mind. Let’s get started!

Step One. Buy a place for the clutter to go. Purchase a marker, labels, and a minimum of 4 to 5 sizable storage bins. This is not an expensive investment, so stay under budget. Try Wal-Mart, Big Lots, a Dollar Store or any retail venue with bargain prices. Label the bins: Paper, Clean Clothes, Dirty Clothes, Miscellaneous, and Goes in Another Room. Assign categories as applicable.

Step Two. Go into the room armed with supplies. Gather a handful of trash bags, cleaning rags, surface appropriate cleaners, a vacuum and a mop. Next, open the door!

Step Three. Start trashing.  Place obvious debris and unwanted items into garbage bags. This step should move quickly. Remember chuck items that are noticeably trash. For now, leave anything that needs deciphering. Keep the waste bags close by and use them throughout the following steps for items missed.

Step Four.  Sort through the chaos. Start with the smallest piece of furniture. Clear it off by sorting items into the appropriate bins. Once cleared, tidy the surface with a cleaner. Use a vacuum attachment to get underneath sofa cushions and hard to reach crevices. Then, consider that piece of furniture off limits to clutter. Only place objects that are fitting on it (Ex: a pencil holder on the desk or a decorative item).   Repeat this process for all furnishings. Starting with smaller pieces brings a quicker sense of accomplishment.

Step Five. Clear up pathways. Pick up items off the floor and place them into the bins, trash bags or on suitable furniture. When done, remove the used waste bags from the space. If you have an unclean clothes container, take it to an assigned laundry area. Push the bins flush along a wall and vacuum or mop the area. If the quantity of objects on the ground creates a danger zone, reverse steps four and five to avoid tripping hazards. Safety always comes first.

Step Six. Tackle the storage containers at your paceAfter completing the previous steps, the space is well-ordered and the bins are small manageable projects. Empty them one at time. If energy levels are not exhausted, go for it and clear them out. Or, feel free to come back to it another day. Just set a deadline for your return.

Reclaim your space and leave that door open with pride!

Happy Designing!



Rose Owens is a 34-year-old , Wife, Mother, Product Designer, Interior Decorator and Home Stager.  She’s an entrepreneur  with a great eye for color, texture, patterns and shapes.  Solving design dilemmas is her specialty. She uses just about anything for inspiration when finding or creating dynamic furniture and accessories. Connect with Rose!



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