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I get emails all the time from people who either want business assistance or need a little extra motivation. Although I try to stress the fact that I’m NOT a business coach, I still try my best to help any and everyone who reaches out to me. Yesterday, I got an email from a young lady who had finally got the nerve to quit her job but is now too afraid to start a business. I got a similar email from a teacher who wanted to know how I managed to ‘get out’ (as if teaching is jail LOL).

When I left teaching in 2011, I honestly had no plan. I had no idea what I would do to make money since my only experience since college had been teaching. What I did know it that  I wanted something more for my life and I was willing to risk it all to have it. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy when I told them that I’d decided to give up my contract to teach overseas and didn’t plan to pursue another teaching job here either. I decided I wouldn’t spend time explaining myself to everyone, instead I’d use my energy to figure out my next move. This was my crossroads….I truly believe that every one of us comes to a crossroad at some point and based on the decision we make, our life is forever changed.  The decision I had to make was to finally trust and believe in myself enough to make the best choice for the life I wanted to live, because no matter what anyone else said it was ME who had to live with the consequences.

To this day, when I have a big decision to make- that little devil appears on my shoulder and tells me allllll the reasons why ‘it’ won’t work. No matter what the IT is, we can always come up with a million and one reasons why things won’t work out. That’s how the human mind works. Right before we have a breakthrough, we usually experience a breakdown. The difference between winners and losers is winners fight the fears and losers feed them.

A few weeks ago one of my mentors presented me with a business proposal. Although I was initially excited, as it got closer to the time I needed to take action I began thinking of all the reasons I shouldn’t follow through with it.

“I really don’t know the ins and outs of the new business…”

“Am I sure I’ll be able to make my investment back?”

“How will I have time to take on another project?”

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The list went on and on, but the bottom line is it all stemmed from fear. In my reading, I’ve learned that there are really only two emotions from which all others originate- FAITH and FEAR. We can either have faith that things are always working in our favor, or we can surrender to fear. Today, I want to encourage you to let faith lead you toward the direction of your dreams. Expect the fears to surface, but be determined not to feed them. The next time you are faced with a difficult decision, use your intuition to make a decision- and stick to it.

When fear knocks, let faith answer….


With SO much Love,