It’s definitely your address, but you just can’t seem to make it FEEL like home.  A few simple adjustments can give the atmosphere a whole new vibe.  Here are some tips to make your space cozy.

 Tip 1:  Put up photos and artwork.


Use shots that reflect you partaking in a hobby or with friends and family.  Pictures are emotional triggers. They serve as a transportation device back to those sentimental moments. When it comes to art, find your particular genre(s) of artwork. Then qualify your choices by asking: Is it intriguing? Are the colors attractive? Is it enjoyable to look at every day? If you think, “It’s just ok”, then it is not the right art piece.  Avoid being trapped by pieces that were gifted. If a slight glimpse results in eye rolls or a distinctive grimace, pack it away.

Tip 2: Dress the windows.  

There are a million options when it comes to window treatments. Drapery is the most cost efficient depending on the choice of fabric. Drapery can be decorative and functional.  For instance, heavy drapes when open during the day allows ample natural light. However, closed they create a blackout feature in the evening for effective sleep. Adding sheer drapes on the inside of panels increase softness. Remember, drapes at minimum should touch or DRAPE on the floor. Cornices, shades, and valances are great options too.

Tip 3: Make lighting work for you.  

Go with the function a room serves.  Higher wattage is perfect for an office where good lighting is needed to read, write or create. Avoid extremely high wattage or headaches are a sure side effect. Stick to lower watts in any space used for relation or dining. Find a happy medium, because food should always be visible. Choose lighting fixtures that are splendid! Lighting fixtures quickly upgrade the look of a room. See them as décor. Natural light is an expense free way to enhance mood and improve aesthetics. Large furniture is often guilty of blocking a beautiful window.

Tip 4: Mix and match textures.

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Rugs, throw pillows/blankets, ottomans and wood are ideal for this goal. Plush pillows look incredible on a leather couch. Or switch it up and try leather pillows on an upholstered sofa.  Pattern against solids can create visual interest. If it suites your style, adorn the arm of a sofa or love seat with a throw blanket. Wood is an element that conveys warmth.  Bring it into the room through furniture, accessories or floors.

Tip 5: Adhere to your sense of smell.

Candles and fresh flowers are small modifications with big impact. They stimulate sense of sight and smell.  With candles, find a light version of your scent. Strong aromas can trigger allergies and headaches.

Tip 6: Choose comfort first. 

Make furniture selections that are comfortable. You can have it all with relaxation and style.  A chair is only great if you love to both sit in and look at it. There is nothing to lose from trying out furniture before a purchase.  Some pieces may surprise you with their level of coziness. Good design integrates appeal, function, and comfort!

Tip 7: Don’t ignore the walls.


Wall paint or paper is instant rehab for a space. Painting an entire room is not always required.  Accent walls can get the job done. Pick the right color for your design scheme. Explore pattern and tactile wall coverings. Always put a sample on the wall and look at it different times of the day before committing.

Use these helpful guidelines to create your haven. Happy Designing!  

Rose Owens is a 34-year-old , Wife, Mother, Product Designer, Interior Decorator and Home Stager.  She’s an entrepreneur  with a great eye for color, texture, patterns and shapes.  Solving design dilemmas is her specialty. She uses just about anything for inspiration when finding or creating dynamic furniture and accessories. Connect with Rose!


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