It wouldn’t eliminate her from consideration. I’m probably that arrogant (and possibly naive) enough to believe her decision to sleep with me on that first night had everything to do with me.  As opposed to her simply being fast.

Just because we slept together early on, doesn’t mean this is who she is – much more factors in.  What transpired on that first night? How well did we get to know each other? What sort of synergy existed?  What was that next morning like?
These are all important factors if I’m trying to assess her character.


I had sex with one of my ex’s on the second night (woulda been the first, but there was a mixup) and we had a 2+ year relationship afterwards.  I definitely had thoughts of her being the one, but it just didn’t work out.  Had nothing to do with the fact that we had sex so early.  I have no problem with a woman jumping in the bed early, but if I see that’s a habit, rather than an occasional moment, I may change my mind.


She would still have a chance in my book to call herself the “the one” but it would definitely make me more aware of her actions and interactions with other males. I would have my doubts but would definitely give her a chance to prove me wrong even if she did sleep with me the first night. It could just mean she knows what she wants and men always love a girl that knows what she wants.