Absolutely.  I don’t expect a long drawn out pursuit, I’ll eventually lose interest.  Especially if I start to feel she’s calendar-watching. Waiting for the right time is one thing, but the 90th day or 14th date, or whatever formula she’s using…. that just seems inauthentic to me.

You definitely need to consummate the relationship on your time, but we don’t like to feel as if we’re wasting ours.  The moment I feel like I’m doing just that I’m putting you on mute.


Assuming we’re talking about a dating-type relationship, I would say the answer to both questions would be a qualified yes.  Expect isn’t the word I’d use, but if I’m dating a woman either seriously or with the intent of being serious, I think sex is just part of that situation.  Whether that’s the first day, week, month, or whenever, I “expect” that’s going to happen.  Now I have no problem feeling each other out first, waiting for a while.  But if the only reason we’re waiting is because you have some three month rule? Or you’re trying to prove to your girls you can hold out? C’mon down with that.

As for the second question, whether we’ve had sex or not, if I don’t feel a spark in the relationship then I’m definitely moving on.  Sometimes you go out a couple of times and realize the interest just isn’t there.  That point could come before or after sex.  I could really be into a woman, and for whatever reason we haven’t had sex, I’m sticking around because I’m feeling her vibe.  Now if I get the drift that she’s purposely BS’ing, or holding the panties because Steve Harvey told her that’s what’s she’s suppose to do, then I may have to move on.

Sex is a big and important part of a relationship, but it’s by no means the biggest or most important part.


It depends on the situation and what type of relationship we establish after we meet. If I meet her in the club and we hit it off than maybe something sooner then later is expected but if we’ve met through mutual friends I wouldn’t expect anything until there is a connection. Men, however, do expect sex after dating a women awhile. I personally do give up and move on if i feel the relationship isn’t meaningful or I’m not gaining anything out of dating you…That doesn’t mean “sex”. It just means if you aren’t giving me what I need emotionally or physically need I might bounce.