A few weeks ago, Jack A .Daniels invited the Single Wives to attend his “Date or Dump Him” tele class! Since we’ve been dying to learn more from him, we jumped at the opportunity. Jack is an Author, Life and Relationship Coach and Psychotherapist right here in Atlanta! His thorough explanations and honest insights make his coaching style priceless. Over the past year, we’ve interviewed and met with several coaches, matchmakers and other professionals of the like- all of whom have very different coaching styles. One thing we appreciate about Jack is although there is no sugar coating, there does seem to be a happy ending.

The goal of ‘Date or Dump Him’ was to help women sort through their current relationship issues to determine whether their mate is date worthy or should be dumped. For an hour, Jack shared secrets of ‘the game’ and delivered no-nonsense ways to find out if you’re dealing with Mr. Right or Mr. Right NOW.

One eyebrow raising point that he made is that “long distance relationships are wrong distance relationships.” He explained that long distance relationships provide no chance to build a solid foundation because it’s a cycle of honeymoon phases every time you are reunited. (This does make sense!) If you have no concrete plans of living in the same city soon, does your relationship really have a future?

If distance isn’t your issue, then you may just be wondering ‘where you stand’ with your guy. Well, Jack has a solution for that! His advice is that you should ask him a simple question, “Am I your FREAK, your FRIEND or your FOREVER?” In case you’re having trouble differentiating between the three, here’s how he defines them:

FREAK– straight to the point, booty call, no questions asked, no real dates, strictly house visits and a physical relationship

FRIEND– homegirl, talk about anything, usually help him get girls or figure out how to deal with them

FOREVER– get to meet grandma, making plans for the future, having serious conversations about your relationship

The one rule that you must follow when asking this question, is that it has to be asked IN PERSON! You cannot ask over the phone, via email or text message because his answer is really in his body language. It’s not about what he says, but how he says it.  Does he make eye contact? Does he make a joke or try to laugh it off? Or does he provide a simple answer without skipping a beat?

These are just a few of the jewels he shared during the class. Luckily, it’s still available for you to listen to it in it’s entirety HERE. I encourage you to take the time to listen to it carefully, because he provided valuable advice for women navigating the dating scene. We also had the pleasure of having Jack as a guest on R.E.A.L. Single Wives Radio! To listen to his episode, click HERE. Be sure to also visit his site, JackADaniels.com to learn more about his programs, books and coaching services.