The most frequently asked question I get as a weavologist is, “What’s the best hair to use?” This question could be answered 3 fold, texture, brand, and price. Understand that your hair should be viewed as either a quick fix or a long lasting investment. Please do not make a long term decision on something quick or vice versa. So before buying make sure you have a clear understanding of the look your are trying to achieve. This blog will help you when deciding which hair is best for you and when.  
Store bought vs Internet:
Hair is now the new entrepreneurial trend. Everywhere you turn, someone is selling hair. BEWARE. All hair is not as it appears. One word of sound advice, all hair looks good fresh out of the package. The proof is in time, how long you can use it and how well it holds up. So just because it comes off of the Internet, does not necessarily mean its better than beauty supply hair. Now the good thing about beauty supply hair is you know where it’s coming from so if you have any issues, you can go back there. These stores usually use brands that they know what the product is and how it will act. Understand that mass produced hair is not 100% Indian hair. Often times it is blended with hair from other parts of the middle east such as Uzbekistan. I have had Internet hair that was mixed with synthetic hair. So always check reviews when buying any hair, from the Internet or the beauty supply.
Price range between 135-500+
Lengths 12 in to 30 in
This hair is definitely a long term investment. It is by far my favorite brand of all, may be seen on Teyanna Taylor, Angela Simmons, and even Jennifer Lopez. They only sell Indian hair. And it is 100% virgin hair, unless you order colored or relaxed. I have found that Indian hair blends with most textures of hair. It comes in various wave patterns from straight to extra kinky curly. They also give 2 extra inches to every length. It comes with a year warranty which means if the hair acts not as promised, they will replace it. I have used this several times and can contest that it last from 1 to 2 years. It also maintains its wave and doesn’t matte or tangle. Minimal shedding. It is also great with coloring. The only downfall is they do not have great customer service.
Hindi Hair
Price range between 115-300+
Lengths between 12 in to 30 in
Hindi Hair is a new up and coming company and they specialize in several textures from Indian, Brazilian and Malaysian and from straight to wavy and curly. The owner of this company had the oppertunity of going to the middle east to see up close and personal exactly where her product was coming from and the processes it would or would not go through. Hindi hair is 100% virgin hair unless you order custom coloring. Depending on your own hair type is where u want to choose which nationality fits best. Indian matches most. Brazilian and Malaysian match coarser textures. The Brazilian body wave is beautiful but not to be worn as wet and wavy hair, so if that is the goal get a curlier texture. This hair last up to six months. Hair is not to be worn particularly for swimming as chlorine does not mix well with this brand. Their customer service is excellent.
Industry Locs
Price range 85-300+
Lengths 12 in to 30+ in
Industry Locs is a very popular brand of extensions featuring Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian hair with a wide arrange of curl patterns. This hair is gorgeous and lasts up to a year. I haven’t heard too much of it doing too much shedding or tangling. Also does well with color.
Exquisite Locs
Price range 75-200+
Lengths 10 to 30 in
Exquisite Locs features Indian, and Brazilian Hair and several wave patterns. It is also 100% virgin hair. I like this hair but I do not love it. It is not made to last no longer than about 6 or 7 months. I can contest that it does maintain its wave pattern the entire time. So this brand would be great for the price and time to be used. It colors well and doesn’t shed or tangle that much.
Price range 50-200
Lengths 10 in – 30 in
Indianhair.net specializes only in Indian hair and has several wave patterns. This hair has issues with shedding, matting, and tangling. It is not to be used over and over again. It is fairly cheap and easy to get. So this would be a quick fix ordeal.
International Hair 4 U (Nashville)
Price range 50-150
Lengths 10 in to 30
International hair is Indian hair. They do not offer many wave patterns. This hair is dirt cheap for the length. It does not last very long at all. It is not to be used more than one installment. It tangled and shed extremely bad.

Price Range 85-150
Lengths 12 in to 24 in
Bohyme is a store bought brand. They specialize in straight to wavy and curly hair. I’ve used this hair several times and I used to live by it. Now it seems they have changed their formula and it is horrible. It mattes extremely bad when wet and sheds a lot. This hair is expensive and does not last very long.
Velvet Remi
Price Range between 65 – 175
Lengths 10 in to 18 in
This is a store bought brand that has been around for years. This is not virgin hair. So it should not be colored. I find that it is rather fine so in using this hair I would use ALL of it. They have straight as well as other wave patterns. They are not meant for wet and wavy to straight hair. This hair has minimal shedding or tangling. This hair lasts up to maybe 2 installments.
Indie Remi
Price Range 75-135
Lengths 10 in to 18 in
I like Indie Remi. And it is a store bought brand. This hair is not 100% indian hair. They have only a few wave patterns the Ocean wave, French wave and soul wave. It is not good for coloring. This hair does have issues with shedding but with reinforcing the tracks it cuts back a little. The wavy and curly straighten very well, almost bone straight. This hair I would not reuse. But it does very well for a good 3 to 4 month sew in.
Goddess Remi
Price Range 50-95
Length 10 short to 18 in
Goddess is pretty good. This is also a store bought brand. And not 100% indian hair. It is not good for custom coloring. They have mostly straight but there are other wave patterns. The other wave patterns really are not meant to be straightened. This hair is great for a quick weave or even a sew in. This hair is not reusable. Anything lighter than a 4 does have issues with tangling and shedding.
Price range 35-85
Lengths 10 short to 18 in
I live by Saga gold. This is human hair, not necessarily Indian hair and it is a store bought brand. Now this hair has minimal shedding and tangling but it is not meant to last longer than 5 months. It is also not meant for custom coloring. It washes and straightens very well. For a one time sew in or quick weave it is great. Saga hair is also a little coarser so it blends great. It’s cheap and easy to get.
Minky Yaky
Price range 15-50
Length 10 in to 18 in
Minky Yaky is a store bought brand. Only human hair. This is quick fix good hair. I use this mostly for quick weaves. It last about a month. It looks beautiful for a short period of time.
Deciding on what hair and when should come down to math. Say a sew in will last for 3 months. 3 bundles of Indique is about $500 for 2 years which is about 8 installments. 2 packs of saga will cost about $150 and in 2 years that is $1200. Making a one time investment of $500 for Indique saves you $700 in buying a Saga each time. Now for a one time sew in or quick weave, Minky Yaky or Saga is great. Bottom line, get the most for your money.
These are the brands that I use frequently and will suggest dependent upon the style one should choose. There are plenty of other brands out there and by all means give them a whirl, but not before checking out reviews online. If there aren’t any, then proceed with caution.
Helpful Hints
Remi = Indian word for Indian
Virgin = hair that has not been processed
-when buying lengths longer that 18 or 20 inches, buy 3 bundles
-use sulfate and alcohol free products on all weave to get the best results
Dreft– a good sealant for tracks to cut back on shedding
Happy Weaving,
Meghann Ashley
Photos taken from: glamourhair.com,esquisitelocks.com,beautyshoppers.com,glamazonblog.com,