Majority of my life I struggled with religion.  My education made me struggle with the controversial, sometimes unbelievable, and unexplainable of the practices that Christianity involved.  I grew up in a non denominational church, which didn’t confine me to the ‘definitions or rules’ of religion.  As I got older I began to form a spiritual connection with a higher power.  For years I built a personal relationship with God, we chopped it up often, and after a while I painted this beautiful picture of what God was.  See, I didn’t want God in a box, but I did limit Him to a book. Then my life changed.

My mom died.

I became angry, especially with God. I didn’t pray, I didn’t allow anyone to talk to me about God, I refused to go to church…my idea of God change & for a moment I stopped believing.

That December after my moms death, my brother & I traveled to Egypt for a few weeks & I met a man who til this day to whom i’m forever grateful for, kinda indebted to. He showed me spirituality on a level that’ll I’ll never forget.  Long story, extremely short I learned about meditation. How I, we, are connected to the Universe. How quieting my spirit gives me direct contact to God. How my words, thoughts, & subconscious becomes real. I learned to use my senses fully.  That’s what meditation is. Being where you are.  Look around. Just look, don’t interpret.  Be aware of the space that allows everything to be.  Feel the life & energy inside your body.  Indulging yourself in the NOW is the key to the spiritual dimension. Meditate, take time out your day clear your mind. Stay present, and continue to be the observer of what is happening inside you. This is the Power of Now.

Peace all ways, in all ways,



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